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The 5 Most Cringe-Inducing E3 Press Conferences

E3 2019 will be here in a matter of moments, bringing with it game announcements, press conferences, and enough hype to power all of LA. Though gamers the world over are expecting some soaring highs from the big players this year, let us not forget the crushing lows that live on in infamy.

The 5 Most Cringe-Inducing E3 Press Conferences

Activision’s E3 2007 Press Conference

Star power at E3 press conferences is nothing new – previous years have seen appearances by Drake, Andrew W.K., and even Gabe Newell himself. However, in 2007, Activision decided to have “comedian” Jamie Kennedy on board for their press conference.

What followed was some painful roasting, slurred speech, and countless jokes that missed the mark by a mile. Not even Tony Hawk’s appearance could save Mr. Kennedy from making a complete and utter fool of himself.

Jamie Kennedy has yet to take the stage at an E3 press conference again, and Activision no longer has their own conference. Probably for the best.

Ubisoft’s E3 2011 Press Conference

Ubisoft has gone through some growing pains with their E3 press conferences. Talk of #girlwood, forced memes made up on the spot, and a random game of laser tag have all made the rounds, but none stand out so much as the appearance of Aaron Priceman at their E3 2011 press conference.

Chock full of dad jokes, “Mr. Caffeine’s” nervous energy didn’t resonate with the crowd when he lead their show. His iconic “doodle doodle do” hand gesture and “Tom Chalancy” mispronunciation have lived on for years, and has since made itself into countless memes.

2019 looks to have no host for the event, which can be seen as either a blessing as a curse, depending on who you are.

Nintendo’s E3 2008 Press Conference

Nintendo has made Reggie Fils-Aime’s iconic catchphrase “my body is ready” into countless gamers’ lexicons, but no moment has been as big of a stain for them as their E3 2008 game conference. Gamers got to meet the little puppy “Peach,” see professional drummer Robbie Drums “play” Wii Music, and the “cutest game you’ve ever seen.” Those hoping for more Mario, more Zelda, more anything left this conference with terrible disappointment.

Microsoft’s E3 2010 Press Conference

Microsoft made waves with the Xbox 360, but few would disagree that the Kinect was one of the company’s biggest mistakes on record. What better way to spend your annual press conference than to focus your entire media presentation on this motion-sensing device?

Whether it be the awkward interactions with the tiger Skittles in Kinectimals, the awkward dance segment for Dance Central, or the awkward music selection of Justin Bieber, one could say the whole thing was…awkward.

The company has since distanced themselves from the device, and we’re sure this presentation serves as a grave reminder of their past sins.

Konami’s E3 2010 Press Conference

Perhaps no company has had as big of a misstep at E3 as Konami. The house of Solid Snake dropped the ball big time in 2010 – faux wrestling fights, poor magic tricks, awkward dancing, breaches of personal space, and Tak Fujii’s failure to generate hype culminated in a press conference that was memorable for all the wrong reasons.

The following year, Konami skipped the presentation entirely and pre-recorded their press conference. The lesson was most certainly learned by this company.

What do you think? Is there an E3 press conference that made you cringe? Let us know in the comments.

Casey Scheld

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