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The 5 Worst Cases of DLC

The 5 Worst Cases of DLC
Downloadable content can be a good thing for games, offering more replayability, missions, and general fun times. However, there also exists DLC that is out there to wring out every last penny you own, trading in your hard earned cash for a raw deal. Though the world of DLC is still fairly new to gaming, here are the five worst DLC offenders to date.

Mega Man X iOS – Everything

Mega Man X iOS DLCThe original Mega Man X for the SNES did not rely on DLC. If you wanted to become the best, you had to put your back into it!

Unfortunately, this iOS port of the game says nuts to hard work and will unlock all Subtanks, weapons, armor, and health boosts for $3.99. It’s true that other games are guilty of having instant unlock DLC, but Mega Man X’s iOS port is especially offensive. Not only is the game three hours long, it also costs $4.99 — just a dollar more than its DLC.

Sonic: Lost Word – 25 Free Lives

Sonic Lost World DLCA relatively new offender, Sonic: Lost World offers DLC in the form of 25 free lives (currently a pre-order bonus at Amazon). A temporary reward like this used to be offered as a cheat code (a la Contra) or through some simple grinding — why is it being offered up as temporary downloadable content?

Modern Sonic games rarely have any repercussions for losing all of your lives, usually resulting in the player restarting a particular level. With the average Sonic stage clocking in at around five minutes, it makes you wonder who Sega is targeting with this piece of DLC.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion – Horse Armor

Oblivion Horse Armor DLC 2The joke DLC that started it all, The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion horse armor might be the most practical item on this list. What you see is what you get (armor for your horse), but it actually protects your four-legged companion and is permanent.

Oblivion Horse Armor DLCIt’s $2.49 price tag is no joke though, especially when considering how the whole shebang takes up less than 3 MB of space.

Asura’s Wrath – The Nirvana Arc

asuraAsura’s Wrath was a breath of fresh air from Capcom. As an original IP that combined action-heavy bouts with cinematic gameplay, its unique anime style divided the game up into easy-to-digest episodic chapters.

Asura's Wrath DLCUnfortunately, Capcom decided to withhold the final four chapters of Asura’s Wrath (dubbed the “Nirvana” arc) and sold them separately for $6.99. Not only is this a key part of the story, but it also makes up a quarter of the game’s content. The worst part: The game itself can be had these days for $14.

Want to know how Asura’s Wrath ends, but don’t want to pony up the cash? YouTuber DEVILRYUUJIN’s got you covered with this S-Rank & Hard playthrough of Part IV.

Train Simulator 2014: Steam Edition – Everything

train simulator 2014Cost of Train Simulator 2014: $56.99

Cost of Train Simulator 2014 DLC: $2878.27

Train Simulator 2014 DLCIf you do end up downloading all 133 pieces of DLC (and counting), try and enjoy it while you can — Train Simulator 2015 is right around the bend.

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