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Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons

Destiny Top 5 Exotic Weapons
The coveted Exotic weapons in Destiny. Everyone is clambering to get their hands on the hottest items in Destiny but not every Exotic weapon is suited to a particular class or play style. Even when you’re lucky enough to see that orange glimmer in your inventory, seldom is it the one most suited for your own personal needs. Gamers Heroes takes a look at some of the most exciting Destiny Exotic weapons just so you can get pissed that you notice one better than what you’ve got.

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 5

Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons #5 - Ice Breaker

Ice Breaker

First up on our Destiny Exotic Weapons lists is the not-so-silent but still incredibly deadly, Ice Breaker. Currently the center of debate within the Destiny sniping community as one of the games most powerful weapons, this deadly long-range weapon of doom can be a powerful tool in the right hands.

As with many of Destiny’s top weapons, the true power of the Ice Breaker comes from its core abilities, the first of which is available with the stock version prior to leveling it up. The No Backpack perk removes the ability to reload the weapon, instead replenishing ammunition or charges, over time. This makes it a deadly choice in PvP as you won’t have to make those vulnerable runes to the secondary ammo crates. It’s equally as useful in PvE as the practically infinite levels of ammo can give you enough survivability to push through that dreaded Last Guardian Alive status. The Ice Breaker’s second ability is equally as potent. The “Ice Breaker” perk causes targets to spontaneously combust, causing damage to all nearby enemies. Great for cleaning up those larger groups.

The Ice Breaker is unlocked via a Legendary or Exotic Engram.

Type: Sniper Rifle
Slot: Special
Rarity: Exotic
Damage: Fire damage 300
Base Magazine: 6

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 4
Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons #4 - ThunderLord


One of the few rare weapons that can be obtained directly from a boss drop, the Exotic Machine Gun of “Oh my god wtf just hit me”, the Thunderlord. The gun was first seen in a demonstration at last years E3 but has since become a familiar site with flocks of Destiny players trying to obtain this highly sought after Heavy Weapon.

Explaining the pure power of the Thunderlord is very simple – it hurts like hell. The Gathering Storm perk combined with the Rolling Thunder perk gives players the chance to receive a short burst of additional damage after each kill alongside the ability to penetrate armor and detonate ammo on impact. If you’re faced with a heavily shielded foe, or swamped with endless waves of Fallen, very few weapons will dispatch of them so easily.

The Thunderlord can be obtained from a boss on Earth.

Type: Machine Gun
Slot: Heavy
Rarity: Exotic
Damage: Arc Damage 268
Fire Mode: Automatic
Rate of Fire: 330
Reload: 5 seconds
Magazine: 38

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 3
Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons #3 - Red Death

The Red Death

Even without its battle prowess, The Red Death would make this top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons lists purely for its commanding appearance. Drowned in the blood of its enemies and led by a deadly bayonet, The Read Death is arguably one of the most eye-catching weapon designs in all of Destiny.

Although useful in PvE, the true potential of this deadly weapon becomes far more apparent during the Crucible. The Red Death perk provides an instant heal and speed boost after killing an enemy. Although it make lack the additional perks of other weapons featured in this list, the single benefits of Red Death in the Crucible cannot be ignored.

The Red Death can be purchased from Xur on the weekends for 23 Strange Coins.

Type: Pulse Rifle
Slot: Primary
Rarity; Exotic
Damage: 277
Magazine: 27

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 2
Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons #2 - Gjallarhorn


The Gjallarhorn is an Exotic Rocket Launcher that boasts an intricate ornate design with multiple decorative wolves spread across its exterior. Even if you’re unsure of its power and potential on the field of battle, one cannot debate the visual appeal of this fantastic Heavy Weapon. There are two main perks attached to Rocket Launchers in Destiny but The Gjallahorn is the only Exotic with both perks available.

The first, Tracking, provides shells fired from The Gjallahorn with the ability to track their targets movements for greater impact. This works brilliantly against agile enemies such as Wizards but is as equally useful against moving targets in the Crucible. The second ability, Wolfpack Rounds, sees the original shell split into clusters on impact, delivering a devastating area of damage around the target.

The Gjallarhorn can be purchased from Xur during the weekend for 23 Strange Coins.

Type: Rocket Launcher
Slot: Heavy
Rarity: Exotic
Damage: Fire damage 396
Magazine: 2
Ammunition: 60

Gamers Heroes Top 10 - 1
Top 5 Destiny Exotic Weapons #1 - Patience & Time

Patience & Time

Arguably one of the most sought after Exotic weapons of Destiny and it’s easy to see why with a number of incredibly powerful upgrades perfect for the avid Crucible fan. Patience & Time is an Exotic Sniper Rifle that can be obtained through Legendary or Exotic Engrams alongside the very small possibility of receiving it as a reward in Crucible matches.

What makes Patience & Time such a powerful weapon, especially in the Crucible, are two of its potential upgrades – the first of which comes with the stock weapon. The “Patience & Time” effect provides active camouflage when aimed down the sights, making you very hard to detect at medium to long range. Usually this could be quite the hindrance in the smaller skirmish maps but a later upgrade option all but nullifies the negatives of the first, Third Eye. This effect forces the radar to remain active while aimed down the sights, giving its wielder total awareness when picking out targets.

Patience & Time can be obtained from Legendary and Exotic Engrams.

Type: Sniper Rifle
Slot: Special
Rarity: Exotic
Damage: Arc Damage 300
Magazine: 4

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