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Top 5 Games That Would Sell The Wii U

Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U
The battle for next-generation supremacy rages on but it seems many gamers are forgetting it’s a 3 horse race. Nintendo are yet to release any huge titles on the Nintendo Wii U and they’ve got a ton of IP’s just waiting for the next-gen treatment. With the likes of Mario Kart 8 and new entries to the Zelda and Smash Brothers franchises just around the corner, we thought we’d list top 5 games that would sell the Wii U console.

Pokemon Snap

Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U - Pokemon Snap
Love it or loath it, one cannot argue that Pokemon Snap provided a whole new way of experiencing the Pokemon world. If it was a little before your time I’ll explain the basics. You followed a predetermined course through various Pokemon themed landscapes, tasked with taking pictures. You achieved higher scores based on what was included in the picture, such as many types of Pokemon or a certain Pokemon performing a unique action.

What made this game even more exciting was the players ability to prompt certain Pokemon into performing certain actions. Such as throwing bait on a surfboard that would prompt the nearby Pikachu to performing a surfing animation for serious points. Other actions included knocking Pokemon into a volcano to watch a seriously impressive evolution on camera. It wasn’t everyone’s cup of tea but there’s plenty of fans still eagerly anticipating a follow up title.

Pokemon Stadium

 Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U - Pokemon Stadium
This one doesn’t really require an introduction but I had to write something. Pokemon Stadium was the first real effort to combine the handheld games with a more 3D friendly title. Players were able to port their handheld Pokemon into the game and battle it out against friends in intense competition or fun mini-games.

It lacked any serious adventuring aspects which led to a short shelf life after destroying your friends Pokemon over and over. But the variety of mini-games and other activities made it a top choice for party play. It’s doubtful we’ll ever see another Pokemon Stadium title but it could easily be a system seller for Nintendo.


Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U - Turok
Back in the day there was something special about hunting larger-than-life dinosaurs with over-the-top guns and actions. It wouldn’t really stand up to today’s modern titles as it would need to offer far more depth and variety in order to be appealing enough but with the right amount of attention, a Turok reboot could make big waves. We have seen more recent versions than the old school Nintendo titles but failing to impress has left many players wanting.

More dinosaurs, unique behavior for each and some survival elements and you have the perfect ingredients for a Turok reboot.

Star Fox

Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U - Star Fox
Star Fox, also know as StarWing in Europe, captured the hearts of millions when it released in 1993. It sold over 4 million copies and gave birth to a franchise that would touch generations of gamers. Whether you enjoyed the innovative combat mechanics, the unique array of characters and their relationships or branching paths in later titles, Star Fox continues to be one of the most requested sequels from the Nintendo arsenal.

Any Handheld Pokemon Game

 Top 5 Games To Sell The Wii U - Anything Pokemon
You’ve probably noticed a reoccurring theme regarding Pokemon games. Yes, 3 different games are listed but each one offers a totally different experience in the world of Pokemon. Selling well over 50 million copies worldwide the handheld Pokemon titles are one of the most successful franchises in gaming history. Each and every addition has collectors craving for more as they explore a vast world filled with wonder and surprise, well that and deadly monsters that kill everything in sight. Okay, so maybe it’s not that cut-throat but it could be. To say it’s unlikely would be generous as they’ve always proved more popular on handheld devices and with another revealed for the 3DS, the chances are slim. The possibilities for a proper Pokemon RPG are almost limitless and one thing is certain, the announcement of a serious, 3D Pokemon RPG on the Wii U could potentially win Nintendo millions of additional players.

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