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Top 5 Gaming Excuses

Top 5 Gaming Excuses

Anyone who has played an online video game has heard someone use an excuse to why they didn’t win and likely used one or two themselves. We decided to list the excuses that we gamers like to use most when things aren’t going our way. Check it out!


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OMG Lag!

To be fair if you have crappy internet then yes you probably are lagging and it is affecting your game play. If you spray and pray and another guy aims down the sights and kills your first it’s not lag — it’s you being to lazy to aim down the sights! If you really think lag is your issue go wired or get some new internet!

Bad Team!

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Unfortunately if you are not rolling with a full team in whatever game you are playing you will likely be paired up with at least ONE person worse at the game than you. Naturally when you look at that scoreboard and see you in the top 3 out of 12 teammates it seems like you got put on the bad team. Fact of the matter is you are meant to lose a certain percentage of your games to keep you coming back to that win rush. Simple solution is to go out and find a full team of people who are around your skill level.

If I spent 100$ on the game…

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It Isn't Pay To Win!

Free to play is here to stay and sadly that means item malls, item malls, and more item malls. Item malls are okay when it’s just new colors or something that doesn’t make you superior at the game. Item malls are not okay when you can buy a level 100 gun at level 1 for 10$. Thankfully though the games that do that don’t really last that long because people figure it out quickly. If a person spends $5 on Christmas camo, don’t think that person gets some magical buff that makes their bullets go for your head.

I have a life

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Okay so we are clear everyone has a life. Your life might be go to school, come home and play Call of Duty all day but it still is a life. Yeah we all have obligations and priorities but we choose to make them our obligations and priorities. If winning at a game every time is really worth that much to you then drop everything else and do nothing but play that game. Let me know how that turns out for you.


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I'm not aimbotting....

Alright if you are a PC gamer this is a legit concern with all the aim bots and wall hacks out there. If you are playing on a console though they are not hacking. We haven’t seen a game shark or game genie in almost a whole generation. What you think if someone has some console hacks they are going to hide it and not profit off it? Get real.

What about you? Whats your favorite gaming excuse? Leave us a comment below and let us know!

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