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Top 5 Video Game Cash-Ins

Cash ins!

We’ve seen it time and time again in this industry, something sells and everyone is trying to milk it for all it’s worth. Most of the time this is a bad thing and ends up burning everyone out, but from time to time you get a good one that sticks around. This is our list of the top 5 cash ins of this generation.

This doesn’t mean the game is bad by any means, it just means that we likely would not of seen these games without the success of another game or series. Well to be fair some of them are pretty bad.


Up until Saints Row, GTA didn’t have much in the way of competition which is never a good thing. With the huge success of Grand Theft Auto 3 and Grand Theft Auto 4 still a couple of years off, It was clear we needed more open world carnage. Saints Row brought the chaos to the next level with dildos, septic trucks and even more destruction. The ability to customize your character and the inclusion of multiplayer and co-op helped the game not only compete, but also become a pretty popular franchise. Even after the fall of THQ the series lives on with another game being released this summer.

Saints Row

Roackband 3
Don’t get me wrong I am a huge Rockband fan, but had Guitar Hero flopped then Rockband likely wouldn’t have existed. With Guitar Hero selling well even with the added price of a guitar it was only a matter of time before more instruments were added to the mix and the price increased. It worked well until it didn’t anymore. To many games, to many instruments and not enough innovation ended up killing both if the series. Thankfully the DLC songs are still coming out weekly for those of us who already own all the instruments.


PS All Stars
Let’s be honest here the odds of this game coming out without the success of Super Smash bros is pretty slim. In theory this game had great potential but the characters just didn’t mesh together as well as everyone wanted. It was also odd to see Sackboy in a level with Hades and Kratos in a level based off of Resistance. To this day my friends and I can meet up and put hours into Smash bros but none of us even own Battle Royal. Sony had to take a shot though being as they have such a huge roster, next up Playstation carting! Oh wait…

Playstation All-stars Battle Royal

Spec Ops
Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City comes in after RE 5 and before RE 6. Claims of RE 6 going back to its roots gave us hope for the return of Raccoon City and the addition of moving and shooting. We were all in for a huge disappointment when we finally played the game. Terrible game play, horrible AI, a lack luster story, and poor multiplayer made this game one of the worst Resident Evil games ever made. Riding the hype train from Resident Evil 6 a lot of us picked it up, and a lot of us then had doubts about Resident Evil 6.

Resident Evil Raccoon City

Anyone who has had the misfortune of playing this game knows this was a cash in. You play as Daryl, fan favorite, before him and his brother meets up with Rick and the others in the TV show. You’d think a game taking place in the Walking Dead universe would be fun, this is not the case. The combat is terrible and you will quickly try to find a way to avoid it or sprint past. The graphics on the game look like some stuff you’d be on the last gen consoles. It was clearly a rush job and was pushed out because of the popularity of the show. The idea behind a Walking Dead action game is a good one, but this game leaves much to be desired and hopefully the next time this is tried they will put more love and care into the game.

The Walking Dead Survival Instincts

Dead Island Melee
I am going to toss this game in as well, being as I just beat it the other day. This game feels, plays, and looks like the exact game from 2011. Only one new character and a new area makes the game feel stale and not finished. They took the cheap route in making a new game and they will have an uphill battle if they intend to release another one. Clearly there was a reason for putting this game out for 40$, that reason is you are just re buying Dead Island.Got any games you think were made simply in an attempt to make some extra cash? Leave a comment below and let us know what you think!

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