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Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy
Originally intended to be the final efforts of Hironobu Sakaguchi in the gaming industry, Final Fantasy has spawned over 30 games, an anime series and movies. The franchise is loved for its iconic storyline’s and has kept fans entertained for over 26 years. If there’s one thing more epic than the beloved characters and epic story, it’s the arsenal of weapons that have been introduced over the variety of games. Gamers Heroes takes a look at our top 5 weapons in Final Fantasy.

Despite the fact that each weapon comes with its own unique qualities, most people get attached to a specific piece of equipment based on its appearance and involvement in the story. As such most of this list features more recent Final Fantasy games.

Top 5 Final Fantasy Weapons #5: The Brotherhood Sword

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy - Brotherhood Sword
The iconic sword from Final Fantasy X is Tidus’ weapon of choice at the start of the game but it also appears in Final Fantasy XII as Gilgamesh’s fake sword. In Final Fantasy X Tidus came about the possession of The Brotherhood Sword as a gift from Wakka, Chappu’s brother who used the sword in the epic battle against sin with the Crusaders one year before the events portrayed in Final Fantasy X.

Top 5 Final Fantasy Weapons #4: The Masamune

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy - Masamune
The Masamune is arguably one of the most famous swords throughout the entire Final Fantasy franchise. It has made an appearance, in some shape or form, in over 30 Final Fantasy titles and even appeared in Kingdom Hearts and Ehrgeiz. It’s first appearance was in the original Final Fantasy title in which the description read “A legendary katana without peer”. Since then it continues to appear in game after game usually as a powerful sword or Katana. Let’s not forget, it was Sephiroth’s weapon of choice and that guy kicked some serious ass.

More recently The Masamune made an appearance of sorts in Final Fantasy XIV after the merging of two servers to create the Masamune server. It’s almost a cert that we’ll be seeing it again soon so watch this space.

Top 5 Final Fantasy Weapons #3: Ehrgeiz

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy - Ergheiz
Arguably not a common pick among Final Fantasy fans but as Zell is one of my most beloved characters in the entire franchise, I feel it deserves a spot in our top 5 Final Fantasy weapons. If you’re anything like me you probably spent hours running around The Island Closest to Hell only to find the bloody Anacondaur drops a crap ton of the Dragon Skins needed to create the weapon. Regardless, it’s all worth it once you power up Ehrgeiz and launch My Final Heaven. I don’t care what you’re fighting, that’s GG.

Top 5 Final Fantasy Weapons #2: Buster Sword

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy - Buster Sword
If you thought, even for a second, that the Buster Sword would not make an appearance, you crazy son. Viewed as Cloud Strife’s iconic weapon throughout the Final Fantasy VII experience the Buster Sword has since made an appearance in several Final Fantasy titles, even getting homage from appearances in other titles such as Monster Hunter and Fallen Sword.

There’s some deep history surrounding the Buster Sword, Cloud and Zack Fair; but I won’t bore you with that. We all know the weapon, we all love the character, it just belongs.

Top 5 Final Fantasy Weapons #1: Gunblade

Top 5 Weapons In Final Fantasy - Gunblade
It was a real toss up for the number one spot in our top 5 Final Fantasy weapons but Gunblade snagged it. Originally introduced in Final Fantasy VIII the Gunblade was one of the first Final Fantasy weapons to offer real-time interaction. Rewarding players for the correct timing of a button push for additional damage. Following Final Fantasy VIII the Gunblade took a more direct root, behaving as more of a gun than a sword, as the original weapon doesn’t actually fire projectiles. Even still it’s one of the most popular weapons in the franchise and gave birth to a whole new set of equipment in following games. Image credits.

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