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UK vs US Match: Black Ops 2 Deathmatch

UK vs US headerUK vs. US is our weekly-ish 1v1 match between Captain Camper and one of our American Heroes. We will highlight new games that we like, old games that we love, or generally terrible games that we can have fun with against each other. We are going to put these videos out as quickly as we are playing them and hoping to get at least one out a week. Hopefully you like the videos, and if you do let us know in the comments below! Want to see a specific game, or some feedback? Hit us up in the comments section to!

For this episode we are playing Black Ops 2. You can check out this game in the Steam Store for $60 and practically any retail store that sells… stuff. Check out the video if you want a taste of gameplay.

We are just starting these features, but hopefully everyone enjoys them. Please hit us up in the comments below with some feedback if you have the time. If you did like it, tell a friend! Thanks for watching!

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