Gamers Heroes Indie Program – Free Indie Game Advertising

Gamers Heroes Indie Program Free Indie Game Advertising
Once upon a time indie games were generally considered to be of a lesser quality than their AAA comrades but times have changed. Upcoming indie developers are rewriting the book on game development and gamers are now turning to the indie scene for the next big hit.

You can make the greatest game in the world but if nobody ever sees it, it becomes an unwanted tenant on a rather large hard-drive. Likewise, you can love indie games but struggle to sift through the thousands of releases to find something that really piques your interest. It is our hope that our free indie game advertising program will not only allow indie developers to attract more attention to their hard work but also allow our heroic community to discover new experiences that they may otherwise have missed.

How Does It Work?

Indie developers have enough to worry about without throwing needless complexities into the mix. Our Indie Program is very simple. You have a game you’ve poured blood, sweat and tears into, we have a community that want to sample your bodily fluids…Well, to an extent. A short Skype call is all it takes to enter our Indie Program and it comes with a variety of benefits for both parties.

  • Expose your game to a targeted audience of gamers
  • Receive additional traction to aid with fundraising campaigns
  • Expose your freshly released title to a keen demographic

We do ask that only actual independent developers get in touch regarding our Indie Program. We’re not currently supporting mobile exclusive titles (Android, iOS etc) but may do some time in the future.

  • Your Project Must Provide Some Level Of Interaction
    Your game needs to have something to offer our visitors. You must be able to offer a playable build, a fundraising page (such as Kickstarter) or another method that allows our viewers to support or interact with your game. Even a website with some detailed information is enough, just something our community can sink their teeth into.
  • Media Assets Must Be Available/Provided
    If you would like to take advantage of our free indie game advertising offer, we ask that you please provide the assets. We support both 728×90 and 300×250 formats, but we would suggest opting for the 300×250 to gain maximum benefit. Other options can be discussed if you feel they would be more beneficial. Bottom line: If there’s something we can do to increase the exposure your game gets on Gamers Heroes, we’ll do it.
  • Interview/Assets/Articles
    As a partner in the free indie advertising program you will also have the option of being assigned an editor from the Gamers Heroes staff. Available to contact via Skype and email the assigned writer will be able to publish articles and content relating to your game on the website and across our social media network.

If you feel our Indie Program would benefit you and your team please feel free to contact Captain Camper (Blaine Smith) on Skype at “GH-CaptainCamper”. Alternatively you can email any questions, suggestions or feedback to captaincamper@gamersheroes.com

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