Suck My Controller: 3DS XL Looks Extra Large

Suck My Controller is the Gamers Heroes Podcast where we talk about video games. We love all different kinds of Video Games from the most popular franchises like Pokemon and Call of Duty to the smaller names in the MMO universe. If you like our podcast make sure to rate us on iTunes and give us some subscibtions. Just search Gamers Heroes or Suck My Controller and get our weekly angel voices for your ears.

This episode of Suck My Controller I am joined by Johnny, Captain Camper and Jake Rose to shoot the breeze about this week in video games. We open the podcast with what we have been playing. Me and johnny talk about how much we like Pokemon Conquest. Jake talks about the new magic the gathering game and how NBA 2K 12 is broken. Captain Camper talks about Call of Duty breaking his DLC and a couple of MMO’s.

After the what we have been playing section we talk about Nintendo Direct conference. We talk about the 3DS XL and new games shown. Captain Camper tells us we are all crazy for being excited about what he considers “kid games” while we talk about as much Pokemon as we can. Towards the end we talk about the second stick controversy and why Nintendo did not opt to put a second stick on the new iteration of the 3DS.

Super Smash Brothers was talked about at the Nintendo Direct conference as well. We go through and talk about what our favorite characters are. Again Smith tells us all that we are crazy. At the end of the Nintendo Direct section we talk about launch dates for the 3DS XL and a couple of other games that we are looking forward too.

The news section is chocked full of juicy news. Free DLC for Modern Warefare 3 will include the Terminal level from the past game. FIFA 13 is giving away a bunch of cool goodies for people that order the collector’s edition and Jake falls out of his chair. Towards the end of the news section we talk about Guild Wars 2 and how stress tests mean a close release date is eminent.

We wrap things up with some news on Resident Evil and Metal Gear. Make sure if you do listen to send us some feedback at suckmycontroller@www.gamersheroes.com. We would like to do a whole section of the podcast as reader mail so don’t feel shy, even if it is just to yell at us!

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The intro and outro music is an 8-Bit song called She by Streets.

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