Suck My Controller: DayZ Adventures

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DayZ Logo

This week Johnny talks about he was told to scare children, Jake and I talk about how the Black Night is awesome and Jake jokes about spoiling it. Smith has not seen the new Batman but he has not grounded his computer case. All and all some intersting weekly conversation.

On the video game side we talk about our first life in Day Z as well as some Heroes of Ruin stuff. The news section is a little bare but there are some gems. The release schedule this week makes us sigh. Finally Captain Camper has a little orange dinosaur that can’t stand right that he will eventually give away.

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If you ever want a backstage peek at what we talk about before or after the show make sure to listen to our outro with 8-bit music this week by Saberpulse. The song is called Milotic and can be found here.

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