Suck My Controller: Dishonored & Pokemon!

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Things Talked About This Week

Dishonored Contest Winners! Pokemon Black 2
Suck My Controller Dishonored & Pokemon Suck My Controller Dishonored & Pokemon 2 Suck My Controller Dishonored & Pokemon 3

This week we start off talking about how Smith swears to much for anyone’s liking. We move on and talk about the differences between Halloween in the US and Europe. Moving on from there we talk about the games we have been playing including FIFA 13, Dishonored and Pokemon Black 2 & White 2. In the news section we talk about how Call of Duty Elite will be free, the jankidness of Xbox Music, MMO news, ZOMBIES and how much we love Notch. Come listen to us as we shoot the s*** about this week in video games.

If you ever want a backstage peek at what we talk about before or after the show make sure to listen to our outro with music this week by DJ Cutman & Sparmtron. The song is called Overworld and can be found here. The remix of old Zelda music is pretty amazing so make sure to check out their site.

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