Suck My Controller: Do you like hot dogs?

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Bratislava_New_Year_Fireworks-300x225On this episode of of Suck My Controller we open with some talk about what we did over the 4th. Johhny and I recall our mishaps and haps while watching fireworks while Smith tells us he slept through the Olympic Torch going through his town. about Dawnguard, League of Legends and Theatrhythm Final Fantasy. We also dive into why Squre-Enix has fallen from it's Japanese graces.

The news section is filled with juicy material like Phantasy Star Online 2 release date announced for the West, Ice Age Online and other Ice Age related stuff as well as Paul McCartney writing music for Bungie. Steam Summer Sale info was released and Captain Camper could care less about any of the games. Lastly we finish it up with some news about a FPS Walking Dead game being developed by Activision.

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