Suck My Controller: Ouya is Stupid?

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On this week’s episode Captain Camper tells us about tails of a silent disco and I tell everyone about “What I got”. Jake talks about seeing Spider Man and Johnny is boring. We then move on into what we’ve been playing which is full of goodies about Rhythm Theif for the 3DS.

The news sections is also full of goodies from tons of MMO and F2P news as well as our impressions on the Ouya, the android based console. Tons of other good fun comes up as Jake bashes Captain Camper whenever he can and the English accent gets a little to much for us American’s to handle. Make sure to send us an email if you would like a beta code to get into the new Offensive Combat beta!

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If you ever want a backstage peek at what we talk about before or after the show make sure to listen to our outro with 8-bit music this week by 8 Bit Weapon. The song is called Chip On Your Shoulder and can be found here.

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