Suck My Controller: Put it in a Bowl

In our second foray into the podcast world Johnny Hurricane, Captain Camper and I sit down and talk about some video games. We open the podcast with a battle over who is better at League of Legends and other games we have been playing over the past week. I talk about Resident Evil Revelations and Pokemon while the others question me about stuff I haven’t done yet.

Then we move on to talk about the Elder Scrolls MMO. We talk about if the MMO will be successful and how likely elder scrolls fans will play it. We also talk about dragons and the state of Fus Ro Dah for a MMO. Captain Camper flexes his MMO knowledge while the rest of us try to keep up.

Next we move into Dawngaurd, the expansion for Skyrim, and a couple of info clips. I lament on how much I think the vampire sucks in the normal game and hope the Vampire Lord is stronger. We also talk about the price point and release date woes for people that don’t have an Xbox 360. All of us talk about how we are going to play Dawnguard and how the announcement for the crossbow doesn’t impress us.

Nintendo then reaches our news table. Some lucky Nintendo Club members received a quick peek at the Wii U if they were platinum members. We talk a little bit about Nintendo Wii U looking forward and whether or not Black Ops II will be available. Finally in this news section we battle out when the console will be released.

Other news stories including Xbox 720 Leaks, our thoughts when the next gen Xbox will release and some plugs for some sites that are awesome and definitely are worth a peek. Intro, Transition and outro music is a song called Closer (bitpop Mix) by 8 Bit Weapon that can be found on Last.FM. Finally to the podcast.

Some of the sites we talked about:

  • Raptr – A facebook for gamers that tracks Xbox achievements, Playstation Trophies, and PC achievements along with playtime. Based on what games you are playing the site will offer special deals on collectors editions and other free deals.
  • Our Facebook. Stop by and check out our facebook. We have tons of trivia questions as well as guess that game that if we get enough people involved we can offer some cool swag!
  • Our Twitter Page
  • 3DS & VIta vs Mobile – Article talked about in the podcast about how the 3DS and Vita against the mobile market

Pretty soon here we will have a email address that fans, critiques and everyone in between can send us your thoughts or ask a question. Till next time, Suck My Controller Out!

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