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Arcade Driving Levels Up With the Force Dynamics 401cr

Force Dynamics - Gamers Heroes
Force Dynamics – Gamers Heroes
Arcades might be dead, but the spirit of these coin-op classics lives on. Some may now turn to larger screens and motion controls to get their gaming fix, but the folks behind the Force Dynamics want gamers to actually feel the road. Introducing the ultimate driving simulator – the Force Dynamics 401cr.

The Force Dynamics team’s latest creation, the 401cr, is more than just a glorified arcade machine. Offering location based technology and continuous rotation, this device lets you actually feel the road in all of your favorite driving games. This location-based technology is more than just a novelty – it is also used in vehicles ranging from aircraft to tanks.

One of the first games Force Dynamics tested with the 401cr is Sega’s classic racing game OutRun. Using data the game calculates about the vehicle’s position, the rFactor 2 motion output plugin, and the plugin Force Control, this device lets you feel like you’re actually driving a Ferrari Enzo along the coast (blonde hottie not included). You can see a video of the device in action below.

Want to add one of these bad boys to your collection? If you can find one, the going rate for one is a cool $55,000.

Source: Force Dynamics

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