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Does The Division Beta Do More Harm Than Good For The Game?

Does The Division Beta Do More Harm Than Good For The Game?
The Division Beta is the opportunity to try the game out before you decide to purchase it. The chief problem with The Division Beta is the lack of content, and that could hurt it. Players have so many options these days, do they really need to buy The Division?

Does The Division Beta Do More Harm Than Good For The Game?

I’ll be the first to admit, I really did enjoy the game for the first 5-6 hours. The problem is, I completed all the content and spent a couple hours in the Dark Zone after that amount of time. Now I know this is a beta, I get that. Still the beta should be a stronger selling tool then one single player mission, a few side missions and then ALL Dark Zone. Whats the plan for after the Dark Zone? Is that the end game or is there something else for me? Because if that’s it, it might not be enough.

The way I see it, The Division beta is hurting two key demographics of gamers the game is going after. You have the Hype Hunter, the gamer who falls into the hype, and the Destiny Player, obviously the players bored with Destiny.

The Hype hunter has been getting burned a lot lately, so they are skeptical but intrigued by The Division. If you remember last year we had a over-hyped game that burned a lot of people, the Evolve debacle. Evolve certainly wasn’t the only game to be over hyped last year but it was one of the bigger games. Now this gamer is going to try The Division beta to find out if they are interested. They are going to play, get max level, play the Dark Zone and do all of that in a day or two. Then that all too familiar feeling will pop up, what do I do now? The Division Beta simply isn’t diverse enough to warrant a sell at the moment. The game has a days worth of content for a now 5 day beta. The Hype Hunter is very wary of where they spend their money and if they aren’t satisfied with a beta they will avoid buying the game all together. They are sick of being burned.

Obviously this game is similar to Destiny and the Destiny’s players will at least be looking at it. The Taken King was a great expansion to a game that many had just given up on already. It provided a ton of new content, new skill trees, new weapons and challenges. It had everything a true expansion should have. The Taken King came out September 15th, 2015 and it is now January 31, 2016. The game has no noticeable upgrades or content added in over four months. Players are burnt out on the content and they are looking for something else to play with their friends for a long time. Yes, they added that sparrow racing league, which is now over, big deal. Bungie hasn’t announced any plans for DLC or expansions yet so the future of Destiny is unclear. Now they get into the Division Beta and they are trying it out and enjoying themselves for a day. Sometime during day two they realize that they are doing the same thing they are currently doing in Destiny. They are looking for something to do in a game that the should be able to get weeks of content out of. This will scare some Destiny players away.

Ubisoft is clearly trying to stress the servers so they can get an idea of what they need for launch day. Still I think the lack of content and repetitive nature of the content in tbhe Beta did more harm than good.

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