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Fan Turns Super Mario 64 DS Into Super Mario Sunshine DS

Super Mario Sunshine DS
Super Mario Sunshine DS
Fans have been clamoring for a sequel to 2002’s tropical-themed Super Mario Sunshine for some time now. While Nintendo has yet to announce anything, one modder has set out to remake the game…on the DS.

Using Super Mario 64 DS as a framework, Super Mario Sunshine DS is a re-imagining of the game that made its debut on the GameCube. Modder Fiachra is porting over all of the levels from the original game, and is also creating some new stars for each of the levels. This also means that the F.L.U.D.D. is present, complete with Hover, Rocket and Turbo Nozzles. To make sure the DS can handle the title, he is also simplifying all of the models. Note that this can be played both on emulators and the actual hardware as well.

Below are some videos showing the mod in action:

Super Mario Sunshine DS

You can download the xdelta patch (for European ROMs) here.

Source: YouTube, Kuribo64

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