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Gamers Heroes Game of the Year Awards 2012

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! The time when games press argue relentlessly about the most important, best, awesome and worst games of the year. Everyone has an opinion here at Gamers Heroes but at the end of the day one game has to be picked for each category so let’s break down the official 2012 game of the year categories.

Playstation Game of the Year: Assassin’s Creed III

With the lack of any huge heavy hitters in the PlayStation exclusives list the question came down to what did we have the most fun playing on the PS3. Assassin’s Creed III’s vast open world paired with the constant story points of the Revolutionary War led to an amazing title.

Playstation Network Game of the Year: Journey

Journey took the PSN by storm, or by sand might be more appropriate. The interesting indie title had it’s time in the spotlight because of its awesome art style, interesting mechanics and music. The soundtrack is also one of the first games soundtracks to ever have its score nominated for a Grammy. The game has interesting multiplayer mechanics and reminded everyone on PSN that it’s not necessarily about the end of a game, but the journey and experience that counts.

Xbox 360 Game of the Year: Halo 4

Halo has always been one of Xbox’s biggest releases and Halo 4 did not disappoint. 343 Industries took a beloved franchise and moved it forward. The multiplayer took rpg aspects introduced in Call of Duty and brought it to the addicting gameplay of Halo 4. The sprawling landscapes of the single player campaign along with a new story lead to a game that was a jaw dropping experience. The new enemy types changed up gameplay significantly and brought in a whole new weapon system that when first picked up sent chills down spines. Halo 4 will be noted as a major turning point in the Halo franchise in the future.

XBLA Game of the Year: Trials Evolution

The XBLA launch of Trials Evolution was one of the highest selling games at the time on the platform. The gameplay has players mostly swearing at their TV while trying to keep a motorcycle moving forward on a track. The community alone with user generated tracks is enough for 5 games over. All of the different kooky ways that the engine can be manipulated shows off a game that is out to do something special. Not only is the community still generating tracks, but DLC packs are coming out relatively regularly. This game is a steal on Xbox Live Arcade and should be checked out by anyone that has a Xbox 360.

Wii U Game of the Year: Nintendo Land

Nintendo Land debuted the Wii U as well as defining what the Wii U is going to be like in the future. It showed the world how the Wii U is going to act and what is coming soon. No one really expected the game to be anywhere near as deep as it actually is with 12 attractions, 6 multiplayer and 6 single. Immediately after digging into the package one thing is self-evident. Nintendo is taking at least an interest in taking controls farther than just motion. Nintendo Land gives us hope for Nintendo to take back a hardcore games attitude.

PC Game of the Year: The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead did something that few games do; actually tell a story with player interaction. The episodic way that the games released has been covered with vitriol after the Jurassic Park and the Back to the Future Game. However TellTale games released The Walking Dead with huge success. This holiday season the game was released on a full retail disk, but the way the episodes made people feel and generated conversation will be something remembered for game releases in the future. This game is a must try for anyone a fan of zombies or the Walking Dead TV and comic series.

On the next page we will be breaking down different genres, on the third page we have our Game of The Year, Most Disappointing Game of The Year and more!.

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  1. Man, I played the first hour of Resident Evil 6 and had to stop. The game was a terrible disappointment!

    Also, reading this list made me realize that I’ve only played half of this year’s best games. I’ve got some catching up to do!

  2. Although the game is in beta, if they keep up their practices, the gaming community will no be around when they decide to launch their full-fledged title.

    I think you mean not*

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