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MCM Comic-Con (My first convention)

MCM Comic-Con (My first convention)

I attended my first convention during the weekend, the MCM Comic-Con. It takes place in Ireland in the capital of Dublin. I have to say I was nervous; I took the long bus ride to the convention. It was my first convention, and I didn’t know what to expect. I went in armed with a small amount of money and my camera and was blown away by what I saw inside, Rows upon rows of stalls, all selling amazing merchandise. I saw metal Batarangs, Sonic Screwdrivers, Wonka bars and golden tickets. All over the convention there were people with amazing cosplays.

As I was walking around the stalls I managed to find a few things that caught my fancy: a Deathnote notebook, a Pokémon trainer hat, a Keyblade keyring, and a Batman T-Shirt. Not only was I overjoyed by the fantastic array of merchandise and the terrific cosplays, I was delighted by how friendly everyone was. There were people walking around with “free hugs” signs and everyone in costumes was more than happy to let you take a picture with them.

League of Legends

They had a League of Legends tournament running at the back of the convention. I’m not a LoL player, but if I was I’m sure I would have jumped at the opportunity. There was also a Yu-Gi-Oh tournament going on in one of the halls; I watched over a few duels and saw that everyone was really enjoying themselves. As if all of this wasn’t enough, there were people signing autographs, as well as original comic artists and Deviant Artists with their own stalls selling and signing their work.

The convention halls were packed to the brim with people, most of whom were dressed up in spectacular costumes. The atmosphere was electric and everyone seemed to really be having a great time. I’m definitely thinking about trying my hand at a cosplay next year. The convention ran from the 12th-13th of April in the RDS in Dublin City.

I sadly could only make it for one of the two days, but I have to say, for my first convention I really enjoyed it. I saw fandoms of every shape and size getting along well and everyone being friendly and respectful. Next time, I’ll be sure to better prepare both myself and my wallet.

What about you guys? What was your first convention experience? I’d love to hear about it!

Blaine Smith

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