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Play Shenmue in High Resolution With Retro-Bit Adapter

Shenmue HD - Gamers Heroes
Shenmue HD – Gamers Heroes
Want to play Shenmue or any of the other classic Dreamcast games out there, but don’t want to play them at a low resolution? Not a problem – with Retro-Bit’s VGA box, it (and all Dreamcast games) will look better than ever.

The Retro-Bit VGA Box gets rid of the muddied and blurry graphics that come from the Dreamcast’s standard RCA output. Using either an S-Video or VGA output, this little box makes the overall image sharper in a 640×480 resolution. It also makes the images far more colorful than a standard RCA output.

Rerez’s Shane Lewis breaks it down with a side-by-side video demo below:

You can buy the Retro-Bit VGA Box off of Amazon here.

Source: Rerez

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