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PlayStation 4 Release Date Leaked?

E3 was very exciting time with the new consoles prices and general dates announced for both the PS4 and Xbox One. However, they didn’t quite give us an official day, just a month to look forward to the console wars. A NeoGAF user by the name of Cyborg has put up a picture in a NeoGAF thread showing a poster at a European store called Media Markt. The poster shows a PS4 and says the release date will be November 2013. Check out the pic.

The release date of November 13th makes sense, but doesn’t at the same time. If the picture is correct that would put Sony out before Black Friday, which I think everyone knows is going to happen, but seems almost a little bit to early. If you recall the PS3 didn’t come out until significantly later in Europe than it did in the US and Japan so this date seems a little fishy to me. Also does this mean that we could be seeing the PS4 as early as October? This would beat out Microsoft’s announce date of November this year.

It could just be a harmless mistake by Media Markt to be fair, but that also doesn’t make much sense. Media Markt, if you go to their website, is not just some small time electronics store. They have stores all across Europe in the Netherlands, where the photo was taken, but also in Turkey, Spain, Australia, Germany, Italy and many more countries. Being a multi-national country has to make me think at least that they have some form of contact with Sony.

If the poster is true, and if the date is set for November 13th, I think it is a solid release date for the PS4 that could put them out the gate before the Xbox One. Sony has to still feel the sting from releasing after the Xbox 360 last generation and will want to not make that mistake again. Again this is all speculation and just kind of fun to talk about, but nothing is set in stone. We will reach out to Sony for confirmation and update the post if we hear anything back.

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