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Pokémon & Sonic on the SNES? Believe it.

Pokemon Super Nintendo
Pokemon Super Nintendo
Ever wanted to play Sonic the Hedgehog 2 or Pokemon Emerald on Nintendo’s 16-bit console, the SNES? Now’s your chance, courtesy of a group of modders.

The fine folks at Games Exchange in Kitchener, Ontario crafted three SNES cartridges never previously released by Nintendo. One would think these games are hacked imitations, but each are true to form without any modification to the game code. For instance, their custom cartridge for Pokemon Blue was made by combining a Super Game Boy with a soldered Game Boy cartridge.

But what about Pokemon Emerald, a Game Boy Advance title made well after the SNES’ lifecycle? This custom cartridge was made by using an unofficial device called the Super Retro Advance, one that offers both link cable support and a direct video feed from the cartridge.

And then there is Sonic the Hedgehog 2, a video game made by Nintendo’s then-rival SEGA on the Genesis. This cartridge was made with a device called the RetroGEN and the original cartridge.

Below is a video by REREZ’s Alex Pereira showing the devices in action.

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