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Rayman Gets Remixed With Original Musician’s Project

Rayman Live - Gamers Heroes
Rayman Live – Gamers Heroes
Ubisoft’s limbless wonder Rayman is taking a bit of a hiatus at the moment, with his last memorable title being the 2013 platformer Rayman Legends. That’s not to say the team is twiddling their limbless thumbs – the lead musician Rémi Gazel is hard at work on his latest project, Rayman 1 Live.

In his project Rayman 1 Live, Remi Gazel is setting out to remix the soundtrack to the game that started it all. Four musical arrangements made for the Forest, the Wizard, Mr. Dark and Continue have already been created, with stage effects and video interaction planned in the near future. You can view their proof-of-concept video below.

You can follow the project on Facebook here and on their website here.

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