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The Most Hated Man In The Gaming Industry Today?

The Most Hated Man In The Gaming Industry Today?
The year is coming to an end and other than the typical end of the world theories and game of the year awards, what have we got left to be excited about? Well how about a new take on the most hated guy in the gaming industry today?

Originally I was going to make this article a bit of a guessing game, lay out a few clues and then see how many of you would be able to figure it out but in all honesty, you’d guess it within 20 seconds anyway. I don’t really like to use the word hate in a serious sense, especially towards an individual, but judging by the thousands upon thousands of comments across the internet, other people don’t feel the same way.

I’m talking about the developer of a certain “AAA” game, who was also the main man behind a certain game that received the lowest review score in GameSpot history. A name that strikes immediate depression into any of those unfortunate enough to hear it, Sergey Titov. Not familiar with Mr. Titov? Well he’s most well known for his work developing The War Z but he was also behind a rather lackluster Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing. To demonstrate the capacity of awesomeness from Sergey, I’ve added a little video below:

Not so bad right? Assuming the game released in 1990, sadly however this is a 2004 title that scored a deserved 1.0 on GameSpot. Apparently though the hint was not received as Sergy became involved in a few projects before popping up in the latest addition to the “survival MMO”, The War Z. Unless you’ve been living in a cave and surviving on your own toenail clippings, or you’ve got better things to do with your time than waste it on a dead game, you’re undoubtedly aware of the fiasco that is The War Z

There are hundreds of posts across the internet, from the biggest names in gaming to the smaller blogs, so I won’t go into huge detail here but I will say, he has flat out lied on a massive number of occasions. I’m not talking about basic little fibs here, like promising a feature that gets delayed as we’re all used to that, no I’m talking about complete lies that he had zero chance of covering up. It would be like denying you’ve just robbed a bank when you’re caught with a gun and SWAG bag whilst still inside the vault you just opened with C4. For more information surrounding the highly questionable development process of The War Z, check out the informative article at Forbes.

If you’re a regular visitor here at Gamers Heroes you’ll know that we have always promised to deliver honest, unbiased articles without any pressure from external sources. We’ve never taken a stab directly at developers or individuals before but if we hope to maintain the level of honesty that we pride ourselves on providing, something had to be said. We’ve all seen bad games but as in any work place, developers and publishers learn and improve over time but the final straw for me was the addition of War Z to Steam.Sergey-Titov-Article-Image 1

Now I’ve been using Steam for years and years, it’s a great service and Valve happen to be one of my favorite game developers. So when I noticed that War Z was added, with a list of completely fabricated features, I was stunned. Steam is a trusted source for thousands of gamers, in fact one user actually told me they didn’t trust the game until it appeared on Steam, which prompted their purchase.

They said the game offered slots of 100 player servers, which it did not. They also said that Normal and Hardcore modes were available, although Hardcore offered exactly the same experience. They boasted a map size that didn’t exist and a skill system that hasn’t even been tested thoroughly yet. All of these were labeled as complete features on the Steam Store page. You know what Sergey’s response was?

I’m sure there’ll be people who will look into small details and will say “no I was mislead,” where in fact they imagined something to themselves without checking details first. I’m sure that Steam have it’s refund policies that should handle those situations.

I think there’s difference between false claims and perception of the text.

Sorry. I’m not the greatest ambassador to the English language but to say you offer 100 slot servers, when you offer 50, that’s the definition of misleading or more correctly, flat out lies. Sergey has taken the trust that Valve place into developers and that players put into publishers, and pissed all over it before setting it ablaze and throwing it into a cesspool. Is it professional for us to be so unforgiving towards an individual? Not really and Sergey could be the nicest guy you’ll ever meet on the street. However, we’re gamers and we’re not about to sit by and watch as he totally destroys the hopes of thousands with lies and misinformation.

What about other developers? You post your game as an indie title on Steam. What kind of impact is that going to have for players looking at indie titles in the future? There are dozens of indie teams out there that bust their balls 80 hours a week to bring something a little fresh to the scene, even they must feel some disrespect by the War Z fiasco.

Sergey-Titov-Article-Image 2Despite the fact this is the internet and I’ll probably never meet any of you in person, we share common ground. We all love gaming, we love becoming engrossed in new characters and new experiences. We love getting our moneys worth, meeting like-minded people and creating new memories to share. What we don’t love is some asshat that thinks he is free to lie about whatever he pleases because the industry is far too soft to pull him on it. We’re not the only ones thinking it, but we may be the only ones without the corporate restrictions that would block us from posting it.

Well not here. Although we’ve featured a few articles, interviews and videos for The War Z, after our upcoming review all coverage will stop. We will not post any more War Z related content out of respect for the industry. We deal with developers, publishers, indie teams and PR reps on a daily basis, all of which go the extra mile to provide their fans with new information, game ideas and more.

There’s thousands of players that have requested refunds, with many calling claims of “False Advertising” but very few have the legal knowledge or financial backing to follow it through. So what’s left? Let your feet do the talking.

If you purchased the game on Steam, you’re able to get a refund if you feel the store page was misleading. It’s sad really as The War Z has a massive amount of potential and even in its current state it can provide some really fun times, but that does not excuse the fact that the developers have shown absolutely no respect for their players or the industry. Shame on you.

Thanks to the likes of Forbes, for their highly detailed take on the “scam” of The War Z, and GameSpot for their relentless interview, gamers do have a voice, we’re just adding ours.

Happy gaming heroes and have a great Christmas!

Blaine Smith

Blaine Smith, or Smith as he prefers to be called as he doesn't have to repeat it four times before people get it, is one of the original founders of Gamers Heroes. Smith has been playing games for over 30 years, from Rex & 180 on ZX Spectrum to the latest releases on the ninth generation of consoles. RPG's are his go-to genre, with the likes of Final Fantasy, Legend of Legaia, and Elder Scrolls being among his favorites, but he'll play almost anything once (except Dark Souls). You can best reach him on Twitter


  1. As always on Gamers Heroes you’re all entitled to an opinion so if you disagree, feel free to post. We do not delete comments purely because we don’t agree with them.

    We do use a moderation process though, to avoid spam and excessive language but rest assured, your comment will be displayed 😀

    Trolls need not apply 😉

  2. I was one of the unfortunate one’s that bought WarZ as a pre-order alfa release. Captain Camper hit this nail on the head 100%. I have never seen so many lies about a video game in my life. Needless to say i bought a Pioneer pack pre-order and i have only logged in 3 times because the game is so awful, bugged and over run by hacker’s its unreal!!!!! 2 Thumb’s up to Captain Camper for being the one to call out Sergey!!! Sergey needs to be banned from the video game industry for LIFE!!!!!

  3. Heh good article, never paid this game any attention anyway a rip off of a mod hmmmm no thanks. The numerous articles popping up over the last day or 2 have been quite startling though and makes me ask the question WHY this game.

    I have seen a lot of titles some from massive studios lie about features and not garner half as much attention as this has. To me it stinks yet again of journalists protecting their commercial interests with the big boys whilst indie developers are free reign as they don’t have advertising budgets on said site in the 6 figures.

    Age of Conan for example had 3 massive game selling features listed on every site hell even printed on its box that it shipped with that it did not have for months after launch and even to this day can not support the numbers proclaimed in those pre order ads, steam, box.

    Funcom didn’t get half as much of a beating as this indie developer has over it though.

  4. I typed up a message to Sergey and friends… I’m one of those guys that would love to see him bounce back from all of this and put out a solid game… but I’m doubting it will happen. Here is my message (FYI, the last time I wrote something like this on their forums I was banned. I put up a few response videos to that on my YouTube channel):

    *Take a peek at the #’s as a means of reading the important bullets of the thread and not read the whole post*

    Look. I don’t speak for everyone here. I don’t think everyone here will agree with my statements. But I just don’t understand where you’re coming from. You say the forum community is the vocal minority… you say that 90%+ of people are happy with the outcome of the game so far… but I don’t see where that reflects ANYWHERE. You say the surveys have come back with positive results… but who knows how skewed those are. Why not put up an external vote somewhere giving more than 4 options (as in 1-10) and see what people really think (one that shows the immediate results). Look at Metacritic… you asked for the public to support your game and they vote 169 times for a WHOPPING 2.5. I for one haven’t even touched that vote yet… but I’ll be honest with you… I couldn’t vote more than a 4 right now with the nature of the game and team.

    One of my BIGGEST problems was that you are near silent with us. We rarely see any real direction from the dev team and most certainly don’t hear from any of them. We know of RussianKaliber and you and that’s it. We saw a screenshot of the dev team in an office by Truant… but where are those guys? Even the Reddit interview Truant did was a joke. He answered all of the easy questions and ignored flat out the more difficult ones that are more often than not asked here daily.

    What I’d like to see is SPECIFIC information about what you’re doing. Not, “Leaderboards coming sometime”. How about some screenshots of the skill tree you’re supposedly testing (with some sort of closed testing team that no ones heard of)? We can be told it’s not final and at LEAST see something. You can show us the vehicles you’re wanting in the game by the end of the month… even just models from a program to show us something. Or maybe a walkthrough video of the office and show us what other devs are working on. Even if it’s just 10 minutes of 480p footage.

    How about taking a front stance with your mod team. Show them that you and Kewk are here for US and not against us. Answer our threads, our questions, and make new statements. All we’ve seen lately have been damage control threads where you make broad statements and seem confused by the growing frustration of your community. Kewk is just now known as the Ban Master who directs his mods like assassins to take out anyone who is posting anything negative about the game or team.

    How about getting away from your game plan and going in directions you didn’t anticipate but that the community wants? ie. PvE only servers. Make them private hive types of servers where only the gear you collect there can be used there. Allow people the opportunity to play with disabled PvP and still enjoy the game with the public… without requiring the need to buy a server and password protect it. Which by the way, will be exploited as people sweep servers closed off to anyone else and come back with full bags all night long. Maybe balance the absence of PvP with zombies that are stronger, faster, etc. But instead you tell the community, “NO” and then don’t even give it a second thought. You lose your community when 50% wants something and you flat out refuse.

    Look… I’m one of those guys that wants to see this game succeed. More than anything I would want to see this game do better than Day Z, The Dead Linger, etc. Frankly Day Z isn’t a zombie game anyway… it has infected people sprinting around in circles and is poorly done. It definitely needed to be picked up and made into a full game with a real backing from a publisher who could supply funds. But the idea behind zombies is amazing to me, and I have a HUGE collection of books, movies, etc. I love the concept of this game but more and more everyday it’s being poorly executed. On top of that you do silly things like that Steam store page fiasco and tell people there’s features in the game that absolutely do not exist (like the 100 player servers). It makes it REALLY hard for us to support you, the game, and continue to stick around here. Let’s not mention the bans as of late to community members here and legit players caught up in the middle of your ninja patched anti-hack system that I reported on YouTube about a week ago. Had you warned us about it and told us it was there like I asked in the video, you might have spared some people the bans. 700gc doesn’t compensate for a loss of player support. If I was unjustly banned for that, I’d probably not touch this game again. But I’m glad you at least finally acknowledged it exists.

    This will help the game and community and make us support you to the bitter end:

    1. LISTEN to us and then TALK to us. Let us know you’re here each and everyday with something big, bright, and new at LEAST weekly. Something substantial like screenshots, videos, forum based interviews, etc. But most of all, REPLY to us. Tell us you’re listening. Not just when a million threads go up, and we have to resort to YouTube videos, Reddit, etc to get the word out. Less damage control and more involvement prior to damage is the key.

    2. Create new ways of gathering the community’s opinion besides a survey which can be skewed and altered. Give us something we immediately see the results of. Allow certain groups within the community to test certain things (weapons, vehicles, skills, etc) and give public feedback. But do so on a private section of the game so as not to run into the same problems as before with populating the servers with unobtainable gear.

    3. Allow us to make recommendations to you, and TRY it. Even if you’re absolutely opposed to the idea of PvE-only… what does trying it do? Nothing. Give it a go and see. I for one don’t want it, but enough do (you said 50%).

    4. Fix the relations between the mod/dev team and the public. There’s one mod right now who went out of her way to privately communicate with me and explain the stance of the mods and dev team on a certain topic. She went ABOVE and BEYOND and made me gain more respect for the team and made me trust her. We need more of that. Don’t hold their hands and not let them do their jobs… but at the same time don’t let them run Nazi on the community. You need a fine middleground. But be active yourself and set the professional example.

    5. FIX the banditry. Make banditry something less desired because as it is now… you really only succeed by killing everything that moves. There’s nothing that prevents or deters people from just killing everyone. Where is the bounty system? Where are the settlements for bandits? Come on Sergey. Giving us private servers is not the answer to this. It’ll help, but it wont solve the problem of banditry being essential to survive. Hell even your trailer for Steam shows blatant killing on sight over and over. That’s a good thing to show the public. :\

    6. Give us a better bug reporting system ie /bug in-game. Something that goes straight to the devs so big problems we see over and over start piling up on your virtual desk and you see it. Less reliance on skimming forum posts for problems. For example, the climbing of trees went on for a LONG time before getting fixed. I just don’t see why.

    Like I said in my other thread similar to this that gave me a week long vacation… you can listen to me, and try it at no cost. If it doesn’t work, you didn’t lose anything. If it does… you’ll do wonders for us. I have a group of 100+ in War Z and losing people daily. They’re jumping ship to other games we support… so they’re still there… but they don’t play War Z any more. I can’t imagine that’s what you want. Give us what you’ve promised over and over… the foundation features, the other game features we were supposed to have by the end of December. Show us some real progress and not just a thread of “it’ll be coming sometime here or there”. We WANT to support you. I WANT to support you. otherwise I wouldn’t have typed out this whole Great Wall of China thread. I wouldn’t have made my YouTube videos asking for your responses. I would have spammed your forums, trashed your name, and kept going.

    1. A very thought out post. Sadly I’ve seen a number of posts like this, some made by myself, that were deleted followed by infractions placed on the user. It’s a terrible way to control a communities opinions. If it’s any consolation your name has appeared on a number of forum posts by people that have respected what you tried to do for the community. So although the devs didn’t pay much attention, you left your mark on the player base 🙂

      1. The thread I created with that post ended up being moved from the Game Discussions section to the Off Topic. It really just shows how much these Devs care about their community.

        I went so far as to PM mods and devs hoping they’ll read it and comment. But they’ve not bothered to even look as of yet.

        It’s clear to me now that there is a huge disconnect between those developing and those playing/testing. Something that shouldn’t ever happen with a game let alone at this stage.

        I appreciate the fact that you did this article and brought it to the attention of the masses. I can tell you that I’ve tried to do the same with varying levels of success.

        But thanks for the mention of my name on the forums. I have had a lot of community members come to me in private, and voice their concerns and opinions. A lot of them seem to agree with me and want to see our voices heard. Unfortunately I don’t see that happening here.

        Thanks again for allowing me to post my message here.

  5. Well Sergey and his team is dealing ir Russian way – silence and bans… But hu must have forgot that he is not in russia…. and hes screwed. Next thing – we need to wait sme time, and i think soon he might get arrested for violating laws, hiding taxes or smth…

  6. I understand where you are coming from but they in fact offer 100 man servers skill tree’s are being released soon and to my knowledge strongholds are this Tuesday, you prejudged them a bit to early (if whoever reads this wants to reply negatively just save it i do not wish to hear it unless it is a intelligent response).

    1. The article was aimed at the promises and state of the game at that time. They released the game on Steam promising 100 man servers, skill trees, vehicles etc.

      None of them featured at the time. They quickly added 100 man servers, purely to fulfill the Steam criteria, however they didn’t bother to pay any attention in regards to the effect it would have on the game mechanics.

      I’ve heard many good things since writing this article, but it doesn’t change the fact they were extremely misleading at that time.

    2. The article was aimed at the promises and state of the game at that time. They released the game on Steam promising 100 man servers, skill trees, vehicles etc.

      None of them featured at the time. They quickly added 100 man servers, purely to fulfill the Steam criteria, however they didn’t bother to pay any attention in regards to the effect it would have on the game mechanics.

      I’ve heard many good things since writing this article, but it doesn’t change the fact they were extremely misleading at that time.

  7. I wish I would have seen (and read) this before I purchased the game. Thankfully, it’s just fifteen bucks.

  8. I wish I would have seen (and read) this before I purchased the game. Thankfully, it’s just fifteen bucks.

  9. You need to get to the point faster. You lead with the point, support the point, restate the point….Not randomly talk for 3 pages before explaining what exactly is happening.

  10. You need to get to the point faster. You lead with the point, support the point, restate the point….Not randomly talk for 3 pages before explaining what exactly is happening.

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