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Titanfall, is it worth our money?

Titanfall - Is it worth it?
I’ve been thinking about this for a while and I think it’s about time I put it out there. Is Titanfall worth the price they’re charging for an only multiplayer experience? With EA charging sixty dollars or more for just a multiplayer experience it really does bring to question if it’s worth our money. Most games we buy today have a single player campaign and a multiplayer mode for those who want it. In my eyes paying 60 dollars for this type of game is fine, it has a campaign that will eat a few hours and give you access to a story. If you finish the story and want more, you could dive into the multiplayer experience and play with or against other players.

But when a game is being priced for such a large sum of money for just a multiplayer mode, is it justifed? I’ve seen gameplay of Titanfall and played it myself, so don’t get me wrong, it is a very fun game, but after a few online matches it does start to loose the initial wow factor and starts to feel like any other multiplayer FPS, with the addition of giant robots. I really do enjoy Titanfall as a game, but I think that they are charging way too much for way too little. If Titanfall had been priced at say 20-30 dollars, I would have no problem buying it, but the fact that they are charging the same price as games with full campaigns and multiplayer modes combined for a game with just a multiplayer mode it does feel like they are asking too much.

In today’s gaming world it’s starting to feel like game companies are trying too hard to take advantage of their customers. They release a game and then a week or so later release DLC, which was clearly made along with the game, meaning they could have easily included it in the game, but would rather charge their customers an extra few bucks for a new costume or a new look for the character’s weapons. A lot of companies are using this tactic to try and squeeze more money out of their audience. Which really makes me question how much they respect the consumer.

If Titanfall had been reasonably priced or included a single player campaign I would have given some real thought into buying it, but with EA’s blatant money grabbing attitude towards it’s customers I won’t be buying this game any time soon. The only time I would get Titanfall is with the Bundle where it comes free with the console and even then I’d probably abandon it after I get bored with it, as is what happens with most FPS games. Don’t get me wrong by the way, I love FPS games, but only if they are actually interesting and give me something back. A game with a nice single player mode that both challenges and rewards the player, along with an expansive multiplayer mode to show your skills is what I’d pay 60 dollars for. The fact that they are selling this as the reason we should buy next gen, telling us to “believe the hype” is a bare faced lie.

Titanfall has a “multiplayer campaign” but it’s just like any other multiplayer mode within the game, with the exception of a short intro, which we are being told is why we don’t need a single player campaign. The main problem with this campaign is regardless if you are winning, your team can still lose, because it’s part of the “story”. While I’ll admit that the fact that you have to haul ass out of there when you lose is a good idea, it does start to get old fairly quick.

While Titanfall isn’t taking the costume or weapons DLC route (yet), they do have a season pass that they have the audacity to charge an extra 25 dollars for, as if you haven’t paid enough for this so called “revolutionary” game. But this is just my personal opinion on Titanfall, leave a comment and tell me what your opinion is, I’d love to see what you good people of the internet think.

Blaine Smith

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