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Zombie MMO Fans Attempt To Launch A Survivor Into Space……And Fail

Lifeless News
With the shroud of misinformation and horseshit lies that surround Alpha releases nowadays it can be tough to find one that is actually true to the word. However, die hard zombie MMO fans have done just that as they display the true definition of alpha testing and prove there’s plenty of fun to be had prior to a games release.

The growing community of Rigid-Soft’s recently released zombie survival MMO, Lifeless, spent much of this week exploring the games exciting list of features in an attempt to discover bugs and exploits after last Monday’s alpha release.

The video below was created by a small group of the Lifeless community as they tested the latest trap to join the games defense and fortification system, an explosive propane tank. As if a giant explosion promising instant death wasn’t enough of a deterrent these individuals decided to add another risky element to the mix – a 6 story high-rise office building.

In an attempt to be the first zombie players to reach the moon the group proceeds to place their terrified ally on the edge of certain death before almost guaranteeing instant combustion with the placing of several explosive canisters.

The onlookers then take step back to admire their work before putting the dastardly plan in motion with a single bullet.

An alpha release with many features still missing. A maddening group of survivors struggling to survive the zombie apocalypse and a newly released trap that causes a huge explosion and screen-shaking after effects. It was bound to happen.


Source: YouTube

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