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The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds: Ravio Shop List

A Link Between Worlds

Ravio will set up shop inside of your house and he will sell you all the essential items needed for adventurers. They are all for rent and as long as you don’t die you can keep them forever. Check out the full list!

Ravio Shop

Ravio Shop

The Legend Of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Ravio Shop List

All the items cost 50 except the rods which cost 100, when you enter the room Ravio will tell you what item is on sale.

Bow – You will get this for free before you enter the Eastern Palace and it is useful throughout the whole game. You can hit switches, take out electric enemies, and of course kill bosses with the Bow.

Bombs – As always these have two purposes, blowing up hidden passages and taking out enemies who who are armored. You can use them as a trap or just throw them right before they blow up.

Boomerang – This item can collect items for you at a distance and stun items. This will be a key item in collecting heart pieces scattered throughout the world.

Hammer – A strong hammer that can kill most enemies in one shot but it takes some time to charge up. You can also knock pegs into the ground with the hammer.

Hookshot – Zelda’s version of the grappling hook makes an appearance in A Link Between Worlds. This item will be key to beating the story as well as doing extra side content.

Tornado Rod – I think this is a new item in the Zelda world and it will let you lift off into the air. This is a key item in the House of Gales and you can’t beat the boss without it.

Ice Rod – With this you can freeze most enemies in one shot and then they will be open up to an attack. You need to be pretty close for this to land.

Fire Rod – This item will launch a wave of fire that can hit a couple of enemies in a line. You will want to be kind of close to the enemies because there is a slight delay on the flame.

Sand Rod – I don’t have this unlocked yet so I will update when I do.

At the moment that is all the shop has and I am not sure if more items open up or not. Check back soon for more Zelda guides!

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