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5 Tips For Collectors In Red Dead Online

5 Tips For Traders In Red Dead Online
While Bounty Hunters take down infamous characters and traders are busy buying and selling, Collectors are out there getting dirty. Rockstar Games have lined up a list of tips and tricks for the enterprising Collectors of the Red Dead Online universe.

While the appeal of Bounty Hunting and Trading is strong, the challenge of the role of Collector is one without rival. The satisfaction of hunting down and finding rare and lucrative valuables is as intriguing as it is rewarding.

5 Tips For Collectors In Red Dead Online

Tracking down items via maps and other means can sometimes be a simple process, but other times it can be frustrating and lengthy. If you’re struggling to find a particular Collectible from the weekly list, check out some of your favorite YouTube creators. There’s some fantastic, quick, and informative videos that will take you right where you need to go.

Much like the Trader, Collectors can maximize their income with a little patience. You can trade individual Collector items to Madam Nazar for some decent cash but if you want to maximize your profits, trade entire sets at the same time.

Other than Eagle Eye and Collector Maps, be sure to search the bodies of those poor, unfortunate souls, that crossed your path. While only a small chance, there’s a chance that enemies drop special Collector items so be sure to loot their corpses. This is especially true in Bounty Hunter missions, so it may be a good idea to dabble in both professions to maximize your chances of tracking down those rare and valuable Collector items.

The life of a Collector can be an expensive pastime. Tracking down Collectibles is often best done via special maps that you can purchase, however, there are other methods. Don’t ignore your Eagle Eye vision, it’s a basic feature we’re all familiar with, but often overlook. It can locate Collectible items in a nearby area.

Madam Nazar plays a vital role in your life as a Collector. She has a unique shop used in various aspects of Collecting but she’s a travelling trader. This means, well, she travels, and she travels a lot. She’s never in the same place for long, moving to new locations each day. You can find hints of her location in game, as announcements over a gramophone are made if you’re nearby. However, a much more reliable alternative is to have a quick search on YouTube. There’s plenty of creators uploading her location on a daily basis.

Finally, once you’ve completed your Weekly Collection, you can mail the items directly to Madam Nazar, saving the hassle of finding her location.

Any tips to share for fellow Collectors? Post a comment below.

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