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What Abilities To Pick/Level First In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War

What Abilities To Pick/Level First In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War
Middle Earth: Shadow Of War offers a vast wealth of character progression options including exciting new skills and abilities. This guide will tell you What Abilities To Pick/Level First In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War so you can get well on your way to recruiting a vast army and unlocking powerful legendary sets.

It’s worth noting that there is no wrong way to progress in Middle Earth: Shadow of War. The abilities vary in use but choosing those that compliment your play style is always the best choice. If you’re a little uncertain of how you’re going to play through the game, there’s some key abilities we suggest you choose as early as possible.

Perfect Counter
This is in the Combat Tree, it’s the second choice. This ability allows you to counter enemies and with perfect timing, you knock them down. It’s very easy to use and once you get the hang of it, you can pop it 90% of the time. By itself, it disables an enemy for a few seconds but combined with another ability, it becomes deadly.

Ground Finisher
Also in the Combat Tree. When an enemy is down, you can finish them with an Execution. However, at the start this is very slow and almost impossible to use when surrounded by enemies. Choosing this ability increases the speed in which the Execution is executed. Combined with Perfect Counter you can drop enemies and finish them in a single blow one after the other.

The first skill in the Ranged Tree. Using this ability lets you aim at a campfire, before phasing to it and blowing it up. This causes a huge area of explosion and 1 hit kills most basic enemies. It’s a fantastic tool for clearing out large groups in encampments and can be used time after time.

Wraith Chain
This is the 4th skill in the Predator Tree. It allows you to chain together multiple stealth attacks. This is a fantastic way of clearing groups of 2-4 enemies without alerting other nearby targets. Very easy to use and highly effective.

Poison Tendril
The 3rd skill in the Predator Tree. Works very much the same as Detonate except it can be used on Grog Barrels. This allows you to take out groups of enemies from afar without attracting any unnecessary attention.

These are just some of the abilities we suggest for What Abilities To Pick/Level First In Middle Earth: Shadow Of War. Ultimately the choice is yours but the abilities above are well rounded and will get you through the first 5-10 hours of the game without any problems.

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