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Absence Of A Sign Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

A side quest in Cosmo Canyon has you taking a Photograph of Celestial Phenomena. This Absence Of A Sign Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth provides everything you need to know to complete the quest including where to take each photograph and the picture you need to take.

This is a quest similar to that of the Hidden Cactuars. You not only need to find the correct location for each of the Celestial Phenomena, you need to frame the photograph in a specific way so that it matches the source material.

There is a special Key Item you can get here. If you do location #2 first and take a secret photograph of Aerith, she will bring it up at location #1 and you then get a selfie together.

Absence Of A Sign Guide For Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth

Photograph Celestial Phenomena 1/3

You can find the first one at this location. There’s a ragged path that leads up from the airfield to the top of this rocky outcrop. You can snap the photograph there. Stand behind Aerith, a short distance behind and to the left.

Photograph Celestial Phenomena 2/3

You can find the second photograph’s location here. There is a large wind turbine on the ground below, you can use that to propel yourself to the top of this platform. There is a fight against a giant scorpion that you need to clear first.

Photograph Celestial Phenomena 3/3

You can find this one on the West of the map, not far from the airfield. To reach this location, follow the path at the base of the cliffs to the South East of the photography spot. It’s an easy path to follow. Once at the top, stand next to Aerith for the best spot for the photo.

Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth Side Quest FAQ

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