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AC Odyssey Atlantis Ability Enhancements Guide

AC Odyssey Atlantis Ability Enhancements Guide
Want to find Ability Enhancements to create new and powerful versions of existing abilities? This AC Odyssey Atlantis Ability Enhancements Guide will tell you the location of each Ability Enhancement, so you can find it’s location, as well as what Ability Enhancement is found in each location.

Ability Enhancements are a new feature in the Fate of Atlantis DLC and become available during Chapter 1. Once you have reached Elysium, you can begin to track down and unlock special ability enhancements. An Ability Enhancement offers a level 4 version of an ability whereas previously, level three was the maximum level an ability could reach.

AC Odyssey Atlantis Ability Enhancements Guide

Might Of Artemis
Kronos Time Warp
Ares Madness
Ares Bull Charge
Ability: Improves Bull Rush ability
Location: Veiled Altar of Hermes

Veiled Altar of Hermes

We are updating this AC Odyssey Atlantis Ability Enhancements Guide as we progress through the DLC and find more abilities.

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