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AC Valhalla An Inquisition Would Work, I Don’t Agree, Say Nothing Choice Guide

AC Valhalla An Inquisition Would Work, I Don't Agree, Say Nothing Choice Guide
Another choice in the Wrath of the Druids DLC has Eivor deciding the fate of the druids. This AC Valhalla An Inquisition Would Work, I Don’t Agree, Say Nothing Choice Guide will break down the events following each conversational choice Eivor can make when talking with all the Kings of Ireland.

After you find all the clues and defeat the Children of Danu Order, you meet with the High King and the other King’s of Ireland to discuss the future of the Irish people. During the conversation the Kings all express their distrust for the Pagan people, citing the recent events as enough evidence to launch an insurrection and cleanse Ireland of the heretics. However, at one point the King asks Eivor for his input and you get to make one of three choices.

AC Valhalla An Inquisition Would Work, I Don’t Agree, Say Nothing Choice Guide

If you choose an inquisition would work
Eivor will explain it will take a lot of resources but it will work. The Kings all agree then Flann says that all druids will face a choice, reform or exile. Ciara is upset with the King but makes no mention of Eivor’s decision. She stuns Eivor and retreats.

If you choose I don’t agree with any of this
If you decide to disagree with the other kings, Eivor explains it’s a bold strategy but has a lot of consequence, he suggests time to think. The kings then make the decision to launch an inquisition with every druid facing the choice, reform or Exile.

If you choose (say nothing)
The Kings have their way and the story continues with no input from Eivor.

Ultimately, bar a couple of lines of dialogue difference, the outcome appears to be the same whatever choice you make. There is a much bigger choice to make next.

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