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AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Sol-ok-Mani Vault Light Puzzle Guide

There is a light puzzle at the Sol-ok-Mani Vault in the new DLC. This guide on AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Sol-ok-Mani Vault Light Puzzle Guide will tell you how you can solve this light beam puzzle as although the answer is incredibly simple, it’s one easily forgotten after months away from the game.

There is a story quest that brings you to this location to open the Sol-ok-Mani Vault. The story quest is very simple, you direct the beam at the correct rotating device and then spin the device to reach the door you need to progress in the story. The other door, which leads to a Book of Knowledge, can be a little trickier.

AC Valhalla Dawn Of Ragnarok Sol-ok-Mani Vault Light Puzzle Guide

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There is a note that gives a clue that reads:

One door opens when Sol blazes her path across the sky, the other when her pale brother peeks out from the darkness that follows

Sol, being the sun, blazes across the sky during the day. Her pale brother, the moon, peeks out from the darkness that follows, the night. Solving the puzzle is that simple, you just come here at night. If it’s not currently nighttime you can hold down on the d-pad and select meditate. This will change the current time cycle to the next. If it’s day, it turns it to night. If it’s night, it turns it to day.

With the moonlight now providing light to the other device, you simply aim it at the other rotating device to reach the door.

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