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AC Valhalla – Deserted Chalet Locked Chest Key Location Guide

AC Valhalla - Deserted Chalet Locked Chest Key Location Guide
Want to find the key to open the chest in the Deserted Chalet? This AC Valhalla – Deserted Chalet Locked Chest Key Location Guide will tell you how to find the key so you can open the locked chest that belonged to Ornir.

When you arrive on the island with the Deserted Chalet you’ll likely spot the golden loot nearby. Inside the chalet is a chest, but it’s locked and you do not have a key. If you inspect the nearby area, there are some notes that offer some additional story regarding Ornir’s fate and also your clues to track down the key.

AC Valhalla – Deserted Chalet Locked Chest Key Location Guide

AC Valhalla - Deserted Chalet Locked Chest Key Location Guide
If you’ve read the clues inside the chalet you’ve likely already figured out the solution for the location of the key. You learn that Ornir and his dog Ymir have been under siege by a pack of wolves that live on the island. You know Ornir is missing. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that Ornir was killed by wolves.

Head to this location on the map. There’s a group of 3-4 wolves nested in-between some rocky crops in the area. Some of them will flee if you approach but you don’t need to kill them. There’s another note near the wolves that explains Ornirs final moments. Then simply loot the skeleton body on the floor to find the key. Unlock the chest and loot it inside for yet another Carbon Ingot.

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