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AC Valhalla – How To Reach Mountain Chest Near Fornburg

AC Valhalla - How To Reach Mountain Chest Near Fornburg
There is a chest on a mountain West of Fornburg. This AC Valhalla – How To Reach Mountain Chest Near Fornburg guide will tell you exactly how to reach the chest as it may seem impossible if you’re not familiar with previous games in the Assassin’s Creed franchise.

Throughout Assassin’s Creed Valhalla you will discover many Wealth chests on your map. These are marked by gold bar icons. There are other chests marked by a small golden light, but these are usually just basic vendor trash materials and sometimes some Silver and a good chunk of iron. Most of the gold bar icon chests are easy enough to reach but some of them can be puzzling at first, like the one on the mountain West of Fornburg.

AC Valhalla – How To Reach Mountain Chest Near Fornburg

How To Reach Mountain Chest Near Fornburg
If you have already explored the rear of the house you will notice that there is a large unit blocking the door. You can interact with the unit to move it around but unfortunately, it appears blocked on all sides so you cannot move it to make the entrance clear. If you head into the other side of the house, the chest is blocked by a large, wooden, spike wall.

There is a gap at the top of the wall but not enough for you to jump through, you need to use fire. Hold down on the D-Pad and select your torch. Once you have the torch equipped, look over the spikey wooden wall and throw the torch. There are explosive canisters on the other side. If you throw the torch correctly, they will light and explode.

This clears all of the debris blocking the door so now you can move the obstacle, head inside, and open the chest.

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