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AC Valhalla Potion of Blood Guide – Finding The Wren’s Clues

AC Valhalla Potion of Blood Guide - Finding The Wren's Clues
The Children of Danu need to be found and hunted down. This AC Valhalla Potion of Blood Guide will tell you everything you need to know to help you with finding The Wren’s clues so you can track her down, take her out, and progress through the Wrath of the Druids DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Much like the Order in the original AC Valhalla game, the Children of Danu utilize the same mechanics. They are members of a secret organization that are hidden throughout the ranks of Ireland’s finest. You need to find specific clues for each member of the cult before finding their locations and hunting them down. We have a full guide on The Children of Danu clues and locations, if you want to hunt down the rest. The Wren, or Niamh the poet, is your first target, so let’s get started.

AC Valhalla Potion of Blood Guide – Finding The Wren’s Clues

The Wren Clue Location #1
The first clue tasks you with finding an abandoned cottage. Head to the location marked above and you will see a cottage resting at the foot of the cliffs, not far from the docks. Head inside the cottage and grab the document marked by the eye symbol. This will lead you to your second clue.

The Wren Clue Location #2
Head to Lough Gara. Just North of the center part of the water is a small gathering of chests, pots, and crates. The second clue can be found resting atop the crates.

The Wren Clue Location #3
Once you have both clues you can mark the location of The Wren on your map and hunt her down.

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