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AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide

AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide
Treasure Horde Maps return with the Siege of Paris DLC. This AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide will tell you everything you need to know to complete this treasure hunt including where to find the map, how to solve the clue, and where to find the treasure.

Treasure Horde Maps are simple treasure hunts that provide you with a clue that you need to solve in exchange for treasure. Unfortunately, the rewards are usually quite lackluster. Tattoos, schemes for your ship, it’s never weapons or anything of immediate value. Below is the walkthrough to solve the Melun Treasure Hoard Map for Siege of Paris.

AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide

AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide
The treasure map clue shows some buildings surrounded by water with some ruins to the North. Thankfully, we don’t have to travel very far for this one. Simply head North from where you got the treasure horde map until you reach this location below

Melun Hoard Map Guide Location
There’s a small group of ruins in this area, that’s where you will find the treasure. On the East side of the ruins near some pillars.

Siege Of Paris Melun Hoard Map Guide
Approach the glowing icon and loot the treasure.

You get a Ouroboros Scheme back tattoo.

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