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AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Take The King’s Money, Charles Cannot Be Trusted Choice

AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Take The King's Money, Charles Cannot Be Trusted Choice
AC Valhalla’s Siege of Paris DLC brings with it more important choices for Eivor. This guide on AC Valhalla Siege Of Paris Take The King’s Money, Charles Cannot Be Trusted Choice will tell you the outcome of each of the three choices that you can choose after the Siege of Paris.

The base game of Assassin’s Creed Valhalla was filled with choices and consequences that shaped the future of Eivor and the people of England. However, not all choices carried the same weight. As is often the case in these games, the illusion of choice is often used to give players the feeling they are changing the world around them, when in reality, the choices mean very little. So which is it for this choice?

Take The King’s Money, Don’t Trust Charles, Or You Lead This Army Choice

If You Choose Take The King’s Money
If you choose this Eivor says he wants the treasure and truce and suggests Sigred to take it all. Sigred speaks with Charles and takes the gift of silver in exchange for peace. They both agree and shake hands. Odo comes into the conversation and expresses his disdain for the mad king.

If You Choose Charles Cannot Be Trusted
If you choose Charles cannot be trusted Eivor expresses his concerns over his past dealings with Charles. Sigred expresses little concern and Toka agrees with Sigred. Sigred speaks with Charles and chooses to take the gift and in return, offers peace. They shake hands. Odo enters the conversation and calls the king a coward.

If You Choose You Lead This Army
If you choose Lead This Army, Eivor tells Sigred won the battle and it’s his choice. Both Toka and Sigred both celebrate Eivor’s assistance and express that England is safe. The rest of the cut-scene plays out identically to the other options.

Ultimately, this choice has no immediate impact and doesn’t seem to impact the story later down the line.

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