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AC Valhalla Tossing & Turning Guide – Asking The Villagers About Nightmares

Find Out Which Villagers To Ask To Solve This Investigation

An investigation area asks you to find out about the nightmares. This AC Valhalla Tossing & Turning Guide – Asking The Villagers About Nightmares will walk you through the first proper story mission once you reach the Isle of Skye in the new Crossover Stories DLC for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla.

Returning to older games with new DLC can sometimes be very confusing. You forget the old tricks of the trade and struggle on things that were a breeze before. For this particular quest, tracking down the right people can be a nightmare if you have forgotten about Odin’s Sight. This is R3 on the PlayStation. It’s the sight that reveals nearby items and it also highlights the people you need to speak with, with a blue aura.

AC Valhalla – How To Get The Key Out Of The Tree On The Isle Of Skye

The first man can be found after you enter the village. He is standing right next to the well in the center of town. Speak with him first. After speaking with the man near the well follow the dirt path South East until you reach two huts. Check the first hut on the left. You will need to shoot through the window to remove the beam blocking the door before you can enter.

After the hut follow the path South East again and you will reach a fork in the road with a large group of townfolk. Take a right, and follow the path North East down toward a large house. Follow the path and you will run into a bride that is upset she can’t sleep, speak with her.

That will complete this stage of the mission and you can now progress.

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