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Agents Of Mayhem Agent Skin Guide

Agents Of Mayhem Agent Skin Guide
Agents of Mayhem features a variety of customization options for each Agent, including pop-culture themed Agent skins. This Agents Of Mayhem Agent Skin Guide will tell you the basics of how to find Agent skins, the best way to collect them quicker and any additional details to further aid your customization efforts.

Very much like the Weapon Skins in Agents of Mayhem, Agent Skins are seldom a guaranteed reward. The chest rewards in the game are randomized so we cannot tell you exactly where to find the chests that contain the Agent skins. You can find purple chests scattered around Seoul, and although these have a small chance to drop Agent skins, there are better chests. Throughout your time in Agents of Mayhem you will be given the opportunity to raid underground Legion Lairs. These Lairs also contain chests and they have a much higher chance of dropping Agent skins that traditional chests in the open world. You can unlock an ability at the Requisition area in the ARK that allows you to use your scan ability to find chests.

Agents Of Mayhem Agent Skin Guide

There are other ways of obtaining Agent skins, through specific story missions and objectives. Below is a list of the different activities you can complete for a chance at unlocking a different Agent skin for your favorite Agents.

  • Legion Controlled Outposts – These are marked by a Flag on the map. Each outpost has a small chance of rewarding an Agent skin when completed.
  • Recon Runs – These are marked by a running man icon on the map. You can repeat these but the chance of receiving an Agent skin is small.
  • Operation Firing Squad – Rewards 3x Agent Skins. You need to unlock Oni, Kingpin and Scheherazade, complete their Agent Operations and then you unlock Operation: Firing Squad
  • Operation: Carnage A Trois – Rewards 3x Agent Skins. You need to unlock Daisy, Braddock and Yeti, and complete their Agent Operations to unlock this mission.
  • Operation: Bombshells – Rewards 3x Agent Skins. You need to unlock Red Card, Joule and Rama, then complete their Agent Operations to unlock this mission.
  • Operation Franchise Force – Rewards 3x Agent Skins. You need to complete the Agent Missions for the starting Agents to unlock this mission.
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