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Agents Of Mayhem Global Conflict Guide

Agents Of Mayhem Global Conflict Guide
Once you reach Agency level 8 in Agents of Mayhem you unlock a brand new feature on the ARK, the Global Conflict. This Agents Of Mayhem Global Conflict Guide covers the basics of the Global Conflict feature including how to progress, how to unlock Region Keys, details on Intel and more.

When you first gain access to the Global Conflict mode you only have access to East Asia. Each region has a specific number of areas that you must explore and complete. Once you have completed all of the areas within a region you will be rewarded with a Region Key. You can use the Region Key to unlock any other regions on the Global Conflict map.

When you send your Agents on missions pay attention to the green marker on their portrait. This means the Agent is well aligned with this area, drastically reducing the time it takes for that specific Agent to complete the region. Always use this option if available.

A problem you will run into fairly early is the lack of Intel. This is a resource exclusive to Global Conflict mode. You can get Intel by taking down Legion Lairs or if you want to farm it, do the running missions on the main map. For more details check out our how to get Intel in Agents of Mayhem guide.

Global Conflict Guide – Region Details

[line style=’solid’ top=’10’ bottom=’10’ width=’100%’ height=’1′ color=’blue’] There are multiple regions in Global Conflict, each offering a different variety of areas that you can explore with your Agents. You can unlock Regions in any order that you wish. Different regions feature different areas, and many offer hidden bonuses such as new contracts and Legion Lairs – great for collecting skins and other rare items.

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