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Agents Of Mayhem Weapons Skin Unlock Guide

Agents Of Mayhem Weapons Skin Unlock Guide
Agents of Mayhem features many different customization options for your Agents, including Agent Skins and Weapon Skins. This Agents Of Mayhem Weapons Skin Unlock Guide tells you where to find and how to unlock different weapon skins for different agents. There are tons of different weapon skins for each of the 12 Agents you can unlock, and they can be found in a variety of ways.

There are two main methods of unlocking weapon skins, finding them in chests and receiving them as rewards for completing missions. The chest rewards themselves are randomized. The chests don’t always appear in the same locations and the rewards are not always the same. This makes it impossible to give an exact location to find them, but as an example here are two places we found chests that included weapon skins:

Brazilian Blasters

Burst Avenger

We had multiple people check both locations. The chests are not guaranteed in that spot but they can respawn, and the loot is different every time. This makes it confusing and somewhat difficult to unlock exact skins. The other method, a more reliable method that lets you unlock exact skins, are the Agent Operations. These unlock after you first unlock Agent Rama. You can access these missions from the Missions Screen, as seen below:

Missions Screen

Most of these missions unlock new Agents but they also unlock new weapon skins. Below is a list of the weapon skins we’ve found through the various Agent Operations mission

  • Bomber Bow – Operation: Race Against The Plague
  • Franchise Enforcers – Operation Thick as Thieves
  • The Necessary Force – Operation: Hardassss
  • The Limited Edition – Operation: No Escape
  • Chilly Con Carnage – Operation: Coldfinger
  • Carnage Maker – Operation: Street Fight
  • Mod Squad – Operation: Crowning Achievement
  • Electric Bomb – Operation: Steal The Show
  • Seven Days – Operation: Aiko’s Story
  • German Bomber – Operation: Das Crazy
  • Carnage Attacker – Operation: Boom
  • Blades of Fire – Operation: Worlds within Worlds
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