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Alien Isolation Guide: Blueprint Location Guide

Alien Isolation Guide: Blueprint Location Guide

In Alien Isolation you will need to find blueprints so you can craft new equipment. The blueprints are not required so if you aren’t looking for them you might miss some. This guide will help you get them all as you go along. Let’s get started.

Alien Isolation Blueprint Locations

I am doing this as I go so if you know one I missed let us know in the comments.

Medikit – In between the Departures area and the Passenger’s Lounge on the Sevastopel there is a small hallway. In the hallway there is a yellow bench right before the Passenger’s Lounge, you can find the blueprint there.

Smoke Bomb V1 – After you get the the Revolver and the key card you end up in the Tech Support room. On the table next to the System Monitoring doorway you can find this blueprint.

Flashbang V1 – While in the Tech Support area head into through the System Monitoring door. In there on the wall you can find the blueprint.

Noisemaker V1 – You find this in the Seegson Communications Observation Deck. After you get the motion tracker use the computer in that room to open the doors to the upstairs rec area. Once you are up there open the Huamn Employee Rec door and on the table in there you will find the blueprint.

EMP V1 – In the Internal Communications area there is a small room near where you have to Reactivate Samuels’ communication. The room has a save point and on the table in there you can find this blueprint. The EMP is VERY useful against droids.

Pipe Bomb V1 – You can find this blue print in the Medical Facility in the Psychotropic Clinic. You will pass the room while you are looking for the room Dr. Morley is in. There is a save point in this room and the blueprint is on the table. The Alien IS stalking you at this point.

Moltov V1 – While in the Medical Facility go into the Security Desk room. On the table, next to the computer you will find the blueprint. Solid way to keep the Alien off your back if it sees you and also useful against any enemy Humans.

Smoke Bomb V2 – While you are at Seegson Synthetics you will climb a ladder to Procedure Observation. In the second room up there you can find this blueprint on the wall. There is also a save station and terminal in there as well.

Flashbang V2 – After you return to Samuels from Medical you will go the the Maintenance Deck of the Sevastopol Scmid Tower. After you get off the elevator the blueprint is on the table in front of you.

Noisemaker V2 – When you are locking down the stairs you will end up in the Upper level of the Lorenz Systech Spire. This is the area right after you initiate the lockdown in the server hub. The blueprint is on the white table.

EMP V2 – On your way back to the Marshal’s office you will have to follow a cleaner bot through a vent. Once you go through you will enter another vent and when you reach the end you can find the blueprint on table.

Moltov V2 – You find this when you revisit Seegson Synthetics while looking for Samuels. After the part where the 6 androids come to life and attack you, you will have to find a key card on one of the bodies. In the room with the key card door you can find the blueprint on a dead body, behind the Sales Agreements booth.

Be sure to check back soon for updates!

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  1. Thanks! I literally was in the room with the noisemaker and left extremely quick. Those Andriods are pretty scary. Sad part is, im going to have to restart since I save more than frequently. Thanks for the locations, sir 🙂

  2. I had found a blueprint for Medkit V2. behind the locked room near Towerlink transit. During the trap mission, head back down to area where you got the data cell in System Monitoring door is a person standing, when you approach her little dialog will happen and she will tell you the passcode for the door. An alternate way to get Medkit V2 is to cut open the vent right next to it with the plasma torch. I had found it by mistake when i returned to the room to get flashbang V1 that i forgot to grab earlier in the game. Second time playing through the game and exploring the station more.

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