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Alien Isolation Guide: Weapon Location Guide

Where To Get The Plasma Torch In Alien Isolation

Hiding isn’t the only way you can survive in Alien Isolation. If you look around enough you will be able to find weapons to help you keep the Alien back. This guide will help you find the weapons as you go along. Check it out.

Where To Find The Flamethrower In Alien Isolation

Maintenance Jack – You cannot miss this because you need it for the story. You will find this in the Immigration Office Cells on a dead body. You will need to climb through a vent to get there.

Flashlight – You get this in Axel’s room, can’t miss it.

Revolver – You can find the Revolver in the Lorenz Systech Spire, in the Facility Control part. It is in the Tech Support room on the table. Hold the reload button to fully reload this weapon.

After you lose your weapons you can find the Revolver again. Once you get to the Central Reactor of the Engineering Deck look next to the vending machine. On the box next to a tape recorder you can will see it.

Stun Baton – You can find this in the Medical Facility jammed into the Environmental Control door. This is very useful against androids. You will need a battery pack to use this.

Gas Torch – After you escape the Medical Center and return to Samuels you will meet some Marshals. They need you to restart the tram so you can get out of the area. After you take the elevator up use the computers on the maintenance deck and the screens will go red. When that happens a door near the elevator will open and a guy with a gun will come out. Kill the guy and go back into that room to find the torch on the workbench.

You get an upgrade to this while you are Restoring Access To Distribution in Gemini Exoplanet Solutions. The upgrade is under the camera on a dead body.

The last upgrade is found on the Engineering Floor of the Maintenance Deck. It is in the room on the left in the Workshop area.

Flamethrower – You get this in the Marshal’s office after you play as a prisoner. This will keep the Alien off your back if it sees you. Fuel may seem limited but I have yet to run out unless I intentionally hold the trigger for way to long.

You get this again on your way to the Central Reactor. After you come down the elevator you can see it on a crate before the Alien cave.

Shotgun After you trap the Alien and return to the Sevastopol station you can get the Shotgun on the way back to the Marshal. When you exit the Airlock there will be a doorway with some steps that lead down to a body. That body has the key card you need to exit and the Shotgun.

You can find the Shotgun again after you lose your weapons on your way to the Central Reactor. After you climb the first ladder in that area you can see it leaning on a crate.

Bolt Gun – You can find the Bolt Gun on the Maintenance Deck. When you get the objective Unlock The Shutter you will end up at a console. Next to that console there gun is on the table. This is a single shot charge weapon.

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