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All Class Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet

During your time studying at Naranja Academy, you will need to answer specific questions. This All Class Answers In Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet guide lists every single class you can study and provides the correct answer for each of the questions you are asked.

There are several different fields of study in Pokemon Violet & Pokemon Scarlet including Battle Studies, Biology, Math, History, Home Ec, Languages, and Art. Each time you attend a lesson the teacher will explain certain specifics about their field of specialty and then pitch you a multiple choice question.

Battle Studies (Midterms & Finals)
Biology (Midterms & Finals)
Math (Midterms & Finals)
History (Midterms & Finals)
Home Ec (Midterms & Finals)
Languages (Midterms & Finals)
Art (Midterms & Finals)

Battle Studies (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Battle Studies (1)
Question: What are the types of battle moves?
Answer: Physical moves and special moves

Battle Studies (2)
Question: What is the third cheer?
Answer: Heal Up!
Battle Studies (3)
Question: If a Pokemon puts up a Tera Shield
Answer: Terastallize and attack it

Battle Studies (4)
Question: Does anyone have any questions so far?
Answer: The answer here doesn’t matter

Battle Studies (5)
Question: To create TMs, you need Pokemon materials and one other thing. Does anyone remember what that is?
Answer: LP

Battle Studies (6)
Question: What rule set should you pick if you want to use a lower-level Pokemon and keep its level low?
Answer: Flat Rules

Biology (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Biology (1)
Question: Where shouldn’t Pokemon walk with you
Answer: Inside buildings

Biology (2)
Question: What Pokemon are born from
Answer: Eggs

Biology (3)
Question: Another way to increase your chances of a successful catch
Answer: Inflict the Pokemon with a status condition

Biology (4)
Question: To cancel Evolution press the…
Answer: B button

Biology (5)
Question: Likelihood of finding a Shiny Pokemon?
Answer: 1 in 4000

Biology (6)
Question: Does anyone know the Pokemon I am referring to?
Answer: Rotom

Math (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Math (1)
Question: If Water Gun hits a Fire-type Pokemon
Answer: It’s double

Math (2)
Question: Bought as many Pokeballs as you could
Answer: 11

Math (3)
Question: What percent chance a Pokemon has of landing a Critical Hit?
Answer: About 4%

Math (4)
Question: How much more damage would this Pokemon deal?
Answer: Triple Damage

Math (5)
Question: Would you use Surf or Hydro Pump
Answer: It depends on the situation (the answer here doesn’t matter)

Math (6)
Question: If you have a power of 100. If a Pokemon that shares a type with this move and uses it and hits an opponent that is weak to that move, what happens to that moves power?
Answer: Its power becomes 300

History (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

History (1)
Question: What rested in the depths of the Great Crater?
Answer: Treasure

History (2)
Question: How many years ago was it that the Paldean Empire ruled?
Answer: About two thousand years ago

History (3)
Question: How long ago was this academy established?
Answer: About 800 years ago

History (4)
Question: What do you think these tablets were?
Answer: Wooden planks for writing on

History (5)
Question: What was the name of the team that first made it to the deepest reaches of the Great Crater?
Answer: The Area Zero Expedition

History (6)
Question: What is the name of the famous professor who unraveled the Terastal phenomenon mystery?
Answer: Professor Sada

Home Ec (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Home Ec (1)
Question: Receive even more Meal Powers?
Answer: My choice of fillings and condiments

Home Ec (2)
Question: What should you search for?
Answer: Items on the ground

Home Ec (3)
Question: What happens when a Pokemon loses all of its PP?
Answer: It can’t use moves

Home Ec (4)
Question: What should Ar-ahem, this young man-do to increase the effectiveness of his Meal Powers?
Answer: He should make food with other people

Home Ec (5)
Question: What should you do if your Pokemon is dirty?
Answer: Clean it up

Home Ec (6)
Question: There is one more thing you all like to decorate which, I must say, I find quite charming
Answer: Our Rotom Phones?

Languages (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Languages (1)
Question: Gracias, merci, xiexie
Answer: Thank you

Languages (2)
Question: Yes or Oui
Answer: There is no right or wrong answer for this choice, the answer doesn’t matter

Question: Delicieux, Haochi, Buono
Answer: Delicious

Languages (3)
Question: Ai shiteriu! Je t’aime! Te Amo! Ich liebe dich!
Answer: I love you

Languages (4)
Question: What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?
Answer: Angry

Languages (5)
Question: What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?
Answer: Sadness

Languages (6)
Question: What emotion do you suppose Pikachu was trying to convey just now?
Answer: Happiness

Art (1)(2)(3)(4)(5)(6) Answers

Art (1)
Question: What makes something beautiful
Answer: The teacher will give the same response for all of the answers, there is no audio to suggest an answer is correct. This answer does not matter

Art (2)
Question: What type do these lovely, glistening flowers represent?
Answer: The Grass type

Art (3)
Question: What Tera Type does this jewel represent
Answer: The Ice Type

Art (4)
Question: Can anyone tell me what my mood was when I crafted its detached expression?
Answer: All of the answers are considered wrong

Art (5)
Question: What is the name of the three-pronged cliff on Glaseado Mountain? No need to graps at straws
Answer: Glaseado’s Grasp

Art (6)
Question: Does anyone know what special thing you can do with Pokemon that have Ribbons or marks?
Answer: You can change their title

That’s every question you will be asked in class for all of the subjects you study.

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