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All Class & Character Stats Explained In For The King 2

There are 7 unique stats in FTK2 including Strength, Vitality, Intelligence, Awareness, Talent, Speed, and Luck. In this All Class & Character Stats Explained In For The King 2 guide we explain what each stat does for each character so you can make better and stronger builds for the more difficult parts of the game.

So, a quick introduction to the stats and how they work. Each stat relates to specific activities and the higher the stat, the higher the percentage chance you have of successfully completing any activity. For example, if you have 75 strength and you attack with a strength weapon, there is a 75% chance per roll that you will get a success. Remember, this is per roll, not per attack. So if you have a weapon that has several rolls, it’s 75% per.l

All Class & Character Stats Explained In For The King 2

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Strength (Muscle Arm Icon)
Strength is mostly used to determine your success and power with Bladed and Blunt weapons, typically melee. This skill is highest on front line classes, such as Blacksmith, Friar, and Farmer. It’s also used for certain Strength challenges, like pulling the sword from the stone, on the overworld.

Vitality (Heart Icon)
Vitality represents a character’s overall health and how much health they earn as they level up. It is also used for certain endurance challenges on the overworld. Additionally, some weapons use Vitality as their attacking stat.

Intelligence (Brain Icon)
Wands and Staves, typically magical weapons that excel on the back row in combat, are dictated by the Intelligence stat. This stat works best on magical classes such as the Herbalist and the Alchemist. There are also Intelligence based challenges on the overworld.

Awareness (Eye Icon)
Awareness is most typically associated with the power and accuracy of bows and polearms. As such, it’s a versatile skill that can work for both front row and back row classes in the game. Additionally, it increases your chances of launching a successful ambush and decreases the chances of being ambushed.

Talent (Juggling Icon)
A higher talent provides additional movement on the overworld for boats and vehicles, and also has a higher chance of disarming traps. Additionally, certain weapons also use the Talent skill as their main stat.

Speed (Running Icon)
Speed determines your overworld movement rate as well as your initiative order and turn frequency. Faster characters will act sooner in combat and get more turns. There are also some weapons, such as magical grenades, that use Speed as its main stat.

Luck (Clover Icon)
Finally, Luck, the only skill where most classes start at 55. This is a hard skill to raise and it only impacts a few challenges on the overworld. It may also have a slight impact on all other actions, but this is not confirmed.

That’s all the stats in For The King 2 and what they do.

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