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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Carnage Boss Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Carnage Boss Guide

When you finally make it to Carnage you have to fight him to get him to answer some questions for you. There are a couple of tricks to beating him and one of them is fire. This guide will help you beat him with no problems at all. Let’s get started.

Carnage Fight

Spider-Man Carnage Fight

I used the Flipside outfit for this one for increased damage, healing, and explosive resistance.

When you first face off with him you will fight his human form. Just dodge his attack then attack him until you get a cut scene with him. Ask all the questions then end the conversation to start the real fight.

Carnage has a very annoying move that you can dodge but only if you keep your eyes on him when he jumps. Look up because he is trying to pounce on you, dodge quick enough or get hit!

When you use the fire on him he will jump up above them and try to attack you from range. You can dodge these when you see them coming at you.

He can also slash at you and at low hp he will summon minions.

When the fight starts off dodge anything he throws at you and charge up a Seismic blast when you can. Once you hit him with it go around the room and open the levers. When you have them all open you will have the fire to bring him down with.

You can use the Seismic blast to push him into the fire, once he is on fire wait for him pounce out and dodge his pounce. Once he is above a fire use another Seismic blast to knock him back into the fire. He might go up or stay on the ground. Either way you want to use the Seismic blast to knock him in the fire.

Once you get him to about half hp he will summon a minion when he jumps onto the pipes. Be ready to dodge the Carnage attack but focus on killing the minion first. Once the minion is dealt with pull him back down into some fire and keep damaging him. If you want you can melee him down as well since he isn’t like Kingpin.

The fight doesn’t change much as long as you keep the fire going. Once you get him low he will summon three minions that you will have to deal with. Same idea here deal with them first while avoiding Carnage who is up above. Keep pushing him into the fire until he beaten and you will have beat the last mission.

That will end The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Carnage Boss Guide. Check back soon for more Spider-Man guides!

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