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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Electro Boss Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Electro Boss Guide

After you destroy the generators Electro will be open to attack. Unlike all the other boss fights Electro can go anywhere on the map. This guide will help you beat Electro on your first try! Let’s get started.

Electro Fight

Spider-Man Electro Fight

You have to use the suit you used in the Kingpin fight here.

At the start of the fight Electro will be in front of you floating. If you can web him and Web rush him now do it but if not web him until he runs away. If he runs follow him until you can web him down and Web rush him. Once he is on the floor you can start damaging him.

Web rush him and melee him until the dodge icon pops up. Once it does dodge twice so you can avoid the shock wave and get ready to web him again. If you see him charging up a dash get ready to dodge again once the button pops up. You will do a slow motion dodge and avoid his super laser.

All you have to do for now is web him and Web rush attack him until you get the cut scene. If you see him charging anything get ready to dodge and if you need to heal do so when you web him. Be sure to keep a fair distance away from him as well since you are only using ranged attacks until you Web rush him.

Once you do enough damage he will take you up into the sky and he will start diving back towards the ground. On the way down keep punching him into the face until you get on top. Keep it up after that until you crash into the ground and you will get another cut scene.

After the cut scene you will have to chase Electro through the city again. Use the Web rush to keep close but be sure not to target the mines but the buildings to avoid the mines. When you can target him use the webs on him until he stops running. Once he stops Web rush attack him and you will be back in melee range.

Once you are fighting he will do mostly the same moves but you won’t get indicators for them over your head. When he warps around he is going to shoot the line attack at you so wait for him to stop warping then dodge. After you do enough melee he will do his power bomb attack again so dodge out of that. After you get him low you will get another cut scene where you have to melee him and then you will win the fight.

That will end the The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Electro Boss Guide. Check back soon for more Spider-Man guides!

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