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The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Kingpin Boss Guide

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Guide: Kingpin Boss Guide

After you get done taunting Kingpin you will enter his safe room to fight him. Kingpin can’t be hurt with normal moves so you will have to out smart him. This guide will help you bring him down with no trouble at all. Let’s get started.

Kingpin Moves

Spider-Man Kingpin Fight

I used the Flipside outfit for this one for increased damage, healing, and explosive resistance.

Kingpin has a laser he shoots out his cane, you can dodge this with the dodge button. It goes side to side so try and time it correctly and you won’t be hit.

He also has just a cane swipe that you will have to counter, you do no damage but you dodge the hit. If you are to close he will just slam his cane into the ground and do a shock wave which you can dodge.

When you hit him with a Seismic Blast he will take a sumo stance and charge you. Jump or double jump to avoid him and he will hit a wall leaving him vulnerable.

The Fight

Spider-Man 2099 Outift

When you start fight Kingpin will shoot his laser so be ready to dodge. After you dodge charge up a Seismic Blast and hit him with it. Before he charges you jump out of the way then start attacking him until you can’t anymore. Once he takes enough damage he will slam his cane on the floor so dodge and get back a bit for another Blast.

After he does the cane slam expect the laser to come right after. Once he does that dodge him again and hit him with another Blast. Once he charges you again do as much damage as you can and you will get a short cut scene.

Once the cut scene ends two more enemies will be here to help Kingpin. Keep Kingpin distracted by hitting him with Seismic Blasts so he will run into the wall. Once he is stunned bring down the guards, remember to take out the armor first!

Once it is just Kingpin again attack like you did earlier. Hit him with a Seismic Blast, dodge his charge, attack, and dodge attack. If you need to heal let him hit the wall then start it up. You should have enough time if you get far enough away after the charge. Once you get him down enough another cut scene will happen and you will have 3 armored guys to deal with.

One will have a gun so be sure to disarm him before doing anything else. Then the tactic is the same as with the first two, use the Blast to distract Kingpin then burn the armor off the guards. You will have to dodge more often and watch for someone to pick up the gun.

Once you bring down the guards it is just you and Kingpin and he has one last move. He will jump and do a ground slam that you need to be completely out of the way of so use the dodge. Don’t risk it at this point if you are low just heal up and be patient. Use the Seismic Blast on him until you can finally finish him.

That will end The Amazing Spider-Man 2 Kingpin Guide. Check back soon for more Spider-Man Guides!

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